What Is VirtualPBX? My VirtualPBX Review

What Is VirtualPBX? My VirtualPBX Review

What Is VirtualPBX? My VirtualPBX Review

So, do you know what a PBX phone system is? I am sure you do but may not be able to think of it right now even though you use it daily.

Whenever you call the customer service number of any major business like your mobile phone network, TV subscription company, credit card company, internet provider and so on, you listen to a menu and select an option to speak to the right person for your query.

That’s a PBX phone system! It avoids putting customers on hold by navigating them to the right person within your business.

Here PBX means Private Branch Exchange. As the name itself indicates, a PBX is a private business phone network that companies and businesses use internally.

A business PBX phone system helps your business have a number of greetings, extensions and settings that direct your customer calls to a specialist department or person.

VirtualPBX is one such VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) based service provider, also called IP PBX phone system provider, that uses the internet to run your business phone. Here all your incoming and outgoing calls are transmitted through the internet and you don’t need a landline phone anymore!

You save a great deal of money as you can now add several new phone numbers without installing new phone lines! VirtualPBX allows you to use your existing mobile phones and devices for this.

With VirtualPBX you start getting instant returns on your investment as you can set up this virtual business phone system in minutes to manage your business phone calls.


What Is VirtualPBX?

Founded in 1997 by Stephen Lange, VirtualPBX has headquarters in San Jose, California and is a pioneer in the cloud based business phone systems. It has provided the best VoIP and PBX services over the last two decades and continues to expand its customer base(over 200,000 customers) and product range.

Having regularly appeared on top provider lists, they have won multiple service awards not just for their breakthrough innovations but their consistent, reliable service.

On top of catering large organizations, VirtualPBX also provides tailor made solutions to small and home-made businesses. You can choose from a wide range of plans available at VirtualPBX at a flat rate or on a monthly price based on your usage.

They have earned a great reputation for both large and small business and you will get a cost-effective solution for your business phone plan with VirtualPBX.

Company : VirtualPBX       Website : www.virtualpbx.com

Founded: 1997                    Service: Hosted PBX Phone Services

Industry: Telecommunications

CEO & President: Paul Hammond

Price: Based on the plan you select

Ratings: 4/5

VirtualPBX Service

Having regularly appeared on top provider lists, VirtualPBX has won multiple service awards not just for their breakthrough innovations but their consistent, reliable service. At VirtualPBX you get functionality, quality service and seamless integration at all times.

VirtualPBX deploys multiple sources of electricity and call carrying, thereby providing you with an uninterrupted user experience even during service interruptions and power outages.

VirtualPBX has earned the trust of many large organizations as they boast the least downtime of any VoIP phone service providers in the industry. If being out of service is not an option your business can afford, then you won’t get a more reliable VoIP service provider.

VirtualPBX Customer Types

VirtualPBX provides PBX business phone systems to:

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large enterprises

Other Reviews: 

VirtualPBX Features

VirtualPBX offers the highest number of features in the industry. You will get any feature you want either included in your plan or at an extra cost.

  • State-of-the-art integrations like Zapier
  • Main Business Number
  • 4G LTE Mobile
  • Web Phone (included in all business phone plans)
  • Advanced Call Transfers
  • ACD Queues
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Auto Attendant
  • Automated Directory
  • Business/Holiday Hours
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Real-time monitoring, recording, storage, and backup
  • Follow Me Calling
  • Call Blasting
  • Call Recording
  • Outbound Caller ID
  • Custom Greetings
  • Music/Info On Hold
  • Device Management
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Email to Fax
  • Virtual faxing (inbound and outbound)
  • Feature Codes
  • Hot Desking
  • Intercom
  • Multiple Numbers
  • Personal Parking
  • Ring Groups
  • Salesforce CRM Integration
  • Valet Parking
  • Voicemail Boxes & Notifications
  • Webhooks

Why VirtualPBX?

The following benefits makes VirtualPBX the top choice of over 200,000 customers. It can’t get any better!

4G LTE Connectivity

VirtualPBX offers a fast 4G LTE network that includes all the powerful features of the VirtualPBX business phone system. No more signal losses in remote areas and it keeps you in touch with your employees no matter how far they are!

Automated Enterprise Communications

Automated applications shove off the load on your work systems and staff by routing several aspects of your business communications. With such automated tools at your disposal, you can boost your call handling capacity and employee productivity.

Disaster Recovery Service

if one part of your business phone system fails, calls are handled by a backup system. So if your business can’t afford lost calls, you will have total peace of mind with VirtualPBX that your calls are never dropped or lost.

Seamless Transition

Get seamless transition from standard phone lines to your PBX phone system. Let your business sound professional with features like call waiting, call hold music, menus, extensions and much more without any new equipment. Just focus on your business as all your calls are routed and handled on the Web.


Cut down the cost of your business phone calls by calling directly from your web browser without downloading any extra software with webphone 2.0. You can even integrate your webphone with other business communication systems.


Customize your VirtualPBX business phone system according to your needs as with VirtualPBX they offer you access to its API and Webhooks!. Great, isn’t it?

Referral Program

Refer a friend to VirtualPBX and once he signs up, you earn reward bonuses up to $600 and gift cards from some of your favorite brands like Starbucks, Amazon, Target, and many more!

24/7 Customer Support

Technical issues are critical to your business operations. That is why the company has a live support team that you can reach 24/7 to assist you in resolving your problems. At VirtualPBX you get 24/7 customer support through online chat, email, and phone.

Whatever your business hours are you will always have someone to help you out 24/7/365. Having said this, you can rely that your customers will be able to get through to you flawlessly at all times.


For those who like to do stuff on their own Virtual PBX provides training videos, tutorials, FAQs, and other resources. So if you like to do stuff on your own you have enough tools to do it your own way.

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VirtualPBX Plans

VirtualPBX offers two types of plans and the price depends on whether you pay monthly or yearly.

  • Dash Unlimited Minutes Plans
  • Dash Unlimited User Plans

VirtualPBX Unlimited Minutes Plans (Monthly):

*Pricing for 2-99 users on an annual plan

VirtualPBX Unlimited Minutes Plans (Yearly):

*Pricing for 2-99 users on an annual plan

VirtualPBX Unlimited User Plans (Monthly):

VirtualPBX Unlimited User Plans (Yearly):

Add-Ons For Unlimited Users Plan:

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VirtualPBX Video

VirtualPBX Pros & Cons:


  • A pioneer in the hosted PBX phone services industry with over two decades of experience
  • Solid infrastructure that ensures reliable, uninterrupted functionality 24/7
  • Industry-leading 99.999% uptime
  • Tailor made plans to suit any business type; small, medium or large
  • No activation charges, easy to set up and very user-friendly
  • Get anything you want out of your PBX phone system with their comprehensive features
  • You can cancel anytime without any cancellation charges.
  • Free Personalized Demo
  • US-based customer service centers
  • Quality service & 24/7/365 support through Email, Phone and Live Support.


  • It may take some time to get to grips with for a first time user
  • Each plan comes with two concurrent calls per user. Each additional concurrent calls cost $5. These come as add-ons and the cost might add up quickly.
  • Service can be affected by poor internet connection

My Final Word

I would definitely recommend VirtualPBX. VirtualPBX has always been at the forefront of the industry and no one has outdone them in reliability and service.

With wide experience of over two decades, VirtualPBX has tried, tested and done it all to become the most reliable and trusted platform in the industry.

Whether you are a digital nomad, running a small home-based business or a large organization you will find a plan that suits your needs along with any features you are after. It’s a great choice if you are after a reliable, high-quality, feature-rich PBX phone system for your business.

VirtualPBX Free Trial

  • Choose any plan you would like to test drive
  • Get access to VirtualPBX Dash – one of the most popular and awarded business phone systems
  • Add users, devices, and test features like Advanced Call Transfers, Auto Attendant, Email to Fax, Hot Desking, Follow Me Calling, Ring Groups and more!

Use the comments section below to share your opinions, feedback and ask any questions related to VirtualPBX. I will be more than happy to help you out.

And do not forget to share this article on Pinterest and your favorite social media channels. Remember – The more we share the more we get!

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  1. marcuscbb

    Hi I would like to thank you for your informative article on Virtual PBX. I was quite surprised that the menu you here when calling a business that gives you certain options to lead you to the right customer service actually has a name. The VirtualPBX sounds very interesting and offers a lot and I like that it comes with 24/7 customer support.

    1. Nick

      Yes indeed.

      Different businesses have different working hours round the clock. So the businesses can be rest assured that 
      they will always have someone to help round the clock. 

      That’s the reason most businesses prefer Virtual PBX as they provide 24/7 support through online chat, email, and phone. 

  2. Samikingss

    Interesting. I never knew what a PBX is until now, this is really interesting. This PBX system would be good for a hotel or maybe privately owned schools, be it tatiary or high school. I like the way it works, I didn’t know it is what I use when I call the customer service of my mobile carrier. I am learning some whole new facts with this article. I am sharing this with my friends and family to help enlighten them as well. In my opinion I think business should learn to use this for their communications network with staffs and customers alike. It will help to boost and strategise their business. 

    1. Nick

      Nice to know that my post enlightened you about the virtual business phone system. The good thing is that small medium and large scale businesses and organizations can use the PBX phone systems in modern times.

      And, businesses have already started using the virtual business phone system for communicating with clients as well as employees.

  3. Shanta Rahman

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .PBX is a phone system .This is the one I used for my business .PBX is a private business phone network that companies and I use internally .The Business PBX Phone System helps my business have great greetings, extensions and settings that call my customer to a specialist department or person. All incoming and outgoing calls to VirtualPBX are transmitted via the Internet .And this has saved me a lot of money .VirtualPBX has allowed me to use existing mobile phones and devices .With VirtualPBX I started getting instant return on investment .At VirtualPBX I have found functionality, quality service and always-on seamless integration .VirtualPBX employs multiple sources of electricity and call carrying, providing me with a seamless user experience even during service interruptions and power outages. VirtualPBX offers a fast 4G LTE network that includes all of its powerful features .All in all, it impressed me a great deal and I hope that through your article everyone will know about it and will definitely share with you their new experience by saving a lot of money using it for their business.

    1. Nick

      Hi Shanta.

      Transmitting incoming and outgoing calls with the internet surely makes this system much easier and economical to use. 

      You don’t have to keep on adding additional phone lines as this works on the internet and you have the flexibility to use this service on your mobile phones or any other devices.

      This is the main reason even small-sized businesses are found to be on an increase in using Virtual PBX.

  4. Tasmia Ferdous

    I really appreciate this article. Thank you so much for sharing this great post with us. I use virtual PBX phones because I do clothes business, I get orders online, virtual PBX phones have helped me a lot. Virtual PBX Call Recording system has helped me a lot, I can solve this problem through Call Recording when the customer makes a mistake when placing an order and then does not accept the error. Setting up a virtual PBX phone was much easier for me.
    I will share this article via social media, I hope other merchants benefit from buying a virtual PBX phone.

    1. Nick

      Hi Tasmia.

      I am so glad to see your comment. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Virtual PBX and that how the feature of Call Recording helps you out in your clothing business.

      I am sure you must be making the most of all other features you get with virtual PBX.

      I wish you a great success ahead with your clothing business.


  5. Jake

    Hi, this is my first time hearing about virtual PBX. I had no idea that that’s what Alil these companies are using for the voice messaging system. That is also interesting that it is internet-based. I think that it would be a time-saving time saving investment. As well as saving money. it doesn’t sound like it would be that hard to set up either.

    1. Nick

      Hi Jake.

      You are right when you say it’s not that hard to set up.

      Once you get on board it’s easy to set up The VirtualPBX phone system. The system is notoriously u8ser-friendly and there no activation charges either.

      To make this even better, VirtualPBX provides training videos, tutorials, and FAQs that makes the initial set up very easy for a first time user.

  6. GREat post everything explained very clearly and explained to the fact that you are encouraging clients to take the right direction and you have directed to the website links.
    you have clearly explained the pro’s and con’s about the website and how it works.
    thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Tracey,

      The pleasure is all mine.

      Thanks for visiting my website and reading my post. I am glad that you found my article useful.


  7. Benny

    Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I am just learning about  virtual pbx. After reading through the entire article and watching the video, I have come to understand how most of these companies use the virtual pbx. Thank you for this well researched article. 

    1. Nick

      Hi Benny.

      Thanks for the kind words. 

      It feels great to know that after going through my post you have now come to know how organizations use the virtual business phone systems. We do call these companies frequently but don’t know the exact name of this wonderful technology -.PBX. Do We?

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