VirtualPBX Video Conferencing Beta Test

VirtualPBX Video Conferencing Beta Test




Contrary to the Silicon Valley tradition of holding cards close to the chest, VirtualPBX – the top VoIP based service provider, has announced a Video Conferencing Beta Test for members of the public and is likely to be the next breakthrough in the hosted telecom industry.

The technology and telecommunications services provider has announced the sign-up period for their new Video Calling VoIP business phone feature for the award-winning Dash cloud communications platform.

VirtualPBX has helped businesses expand their operations outside of the confines of the traditional office. But there are still other ways businesses want to be able to control their overall unified communications.

Video calling has increasingly become an integral tool in any business communications device. You may find yourself missing that personal touch to important business conversations when you can’t have a face to face meeting.

The all-new VirtualPBX Video Calling feature helps build that bridge by adding a human touch and personalized experience for your clients or employees. With VirtualPBX, you can now enjoy 1-1 video calls with important clients when you can’t meet them in person.


What Is VirtualPBX?

VirtualPBX was founded in San Francisco in 1997 and is a pioneer in cloud based business phone systems. Over the last two decades, it has provided an array of the best VoIP and PBX services and continues to deliver cutting-edge telephony products for all business sizes and expanding its customer base (200,000+ customers) and product range.


VirtualPBX was founded in San Francisco in 1997 and is a pioneer in cloud based business phone systems. Over the last two decades, it has provided an array of the best VoIP and PBX services and continues to deliver cutting-edge telephony products.

VirtualPBX has won multiple service awards for breakthrough innovations and consistent, reliable service and has regularly appeared on top provider lists.

VirtualPBX provides custom-made solutions to small home-made businesses and large organizations. Based on your usage and requirements, you can choose from a wide range of plans offered by VirtualPBX, either at a flat rate or on a monthly price.

VirtualPBX has a great reputation for all types of businesses and you will get the best priced solution for your business phone plan along with great reliable with VirtualPBX.

For more detailed information on VirtualPBX and its wide range of plans, features, benefits, and services go through my VirtualPBX Review.

Why You Should Participate in Video Calling (Beta)?



Over the years, business communications have changed drastically due to ever evolving business requirements and the advent of new technologies like the internet.

The Telecommunication industry is seeing an explosion in demand for remote work-related products and services. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more of a necessity than a choice for businesses to find alternate and effective ways of communication with clients and employees, to continue business operations smoothly. This applies to all business sizes-small, medium or large.

VirtualPBX has a legacy of continually producing innovative products and services that have raised the bar and set new benchmarks in cloud based business phone systems.  And even this time, it seems they are well down the same path of delivering another groundbreaking service, that will take business communications to a whole new level.

Both Existing and New Customers Can Participate 

If you are a new customer, participating in the Video Calling Beta Test is a great chance to get the feel of how this latest cutting technology works and how it can benefit your business in getting new clients. Your feedback will help VirtualPBX develop the new Video Calling feature for a better-personalized way to suit your business communication needs. It doesn’t cost you anything and you don’t require any extra setup, as you are able to use your existing phone numbers.

If you are an existing VirtualPBX customer, you can enjoy the new Video Calling feature on all your VoIP as All VirtualPBX phone numbers are equipped with Video Calling.

Get a head start on exploring this brand Video Conference Feature while it’s still in Beta by clicking on the below.



If you don’t yet use a VirtualPBX Phone Plan, then click the link below to know which plan best fits your business. Mention Video Conferencing if it’s a feature you’re excited to use at your business. You can enjoy Free Demo, before signing up and get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied after signing up! The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee comes with all plans including Unlimited User plans.



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