How To Make Money By Blogging For Beginners

How To Make Money By Blogging For Beginners

Make Money Blogging

Blogging has gained immense credibility over the years and is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The number of beginner bloggers is on the rise. So in my post – How To Make Money By Blogging For Beginners, I am going to share some of the best ways and tips that will help you monetize your blog to make money out of it.

If you are new to blogging, it can be tough for you to decide where to start from. You listen to the success stories of those who make money blogging but don’t exactly understand how. You are skeptical and have lots of doubts and questions in the beginning.

How the heck do I get started?

Do people who make money from blogging even really exist?

How much money can I actually earn as a blogger?

Can I earn a full-time income through blogging?

This is perfectly normal and you should not be overthinking about this. Successful bloggers went through the same emotional journey before writing their first blog.

Even some existing bloggers have these questions as they have a blog but don’t know how to monetize it!

In this post, I will be answering all your questions and sharing all you need to know about creating and monetizing your blog, in a simple and easy way for you to understand.

**This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase by clicking on these links, which I”ll totally blow on a cup of coffee, which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this, y’all!**

Why Do You Want To Make Money Blogging?

Have you asked yourself –  Why you want to be a blogger?

Is it just because you want to earn money?

Or do you have a creative flair and love writing?

Or do you love the freedom associated with blogging as you can work from anywhere?

It’s very important for you to ask yourself – Why You Want to Start Blogging?

This is the first and foremost step that will determine your success as a blogger. If you are just here for the money after seeing the income figures of other successful bloggers, then it won’t work that way.

You will require the roadmap of the journey you will be undertaking as a blogger and need to know about the process involved.

You won’t start earning income from your blogs overnight. You need to write blogs, build a steady stream of an audience and get regular traffic before you can start making money.

The fascinating lifestyle of a blogger that you see comes with lots of hard work and patience and you should be up for it.

I have given an overview of the process you need to follow to start your blogging business.

How To Make Money By Blogging For Beginners

Making Money Blogging Online

Make money by blogging for beginners. Start your own blog website

Everyone wants to make money blogging. However, it’s important to keep it simple and start with small achievable income goals.

When you begin blogging you won’t readily have loads of traffic, regular visitors or a huge email list. It will take time to build this up. So it will be a good idea to start with a small realistic goal like $50 or $100 and then move on growing your blog size upwards.

This will keep you positive and motivated as a higher unrealistic income goal, in the beginning, will seem unattainable.

Once, you achieve your realistic goal, you will learn what works and what doesn’t for your blog and this will help you make even more money through your blogs.

Above all, it’s about the value you can provide, which will determine the level of your success as a blogger.

The more value you offer to your readers the higher will be the chance of you building a brand and becoming an authority in your niche which will catapult the income you make from your blogs.

How To Start A Blog To Make Money

Let’s get into what exactly you need to make money from your blog. It doesn’t make sense to try and make money if you don’t have the correct tools and strategies.

1) Blog

You need a blog to make money blogging

Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise. If you don’t have a blog, you can’t make money blogging, can you?

Setting up a blog is easy and you can do it in a few minutes.

But please don’t think that these will start fetching you results right away. Most people think that having a blog will start making them money. It won’t. Writing quality content that people find engaging, will help you find your target audience and this is where the hard work begins.

2) Blogging Platform/Website

You need a website to start blogging

It’s very important to find the right blogging platform or website that suits your needs, whether you are a hobby blogger or are doing it for business purpose. There are free websites to start a blog that offer various benefits, as long as you choose the right one.

There is a wide choice of blogging websites available to you, but not all of them offer everything you need to grow your blog, like the important features that will drive traffic to your blog and generate revenue/income. Go through my blog post- Best Websites To Start A Blog to find out the best blogging websites where you can start your blog.

While you are required to buy web hosting and domain with self-hosted blogs(, they offer some crucial advantages that even the top free blog sites can’t offer. So I surely recommend them if you are looking to make money from your blog.

You can build your very own revenue ready website with Wealthy Affiliate in less than a minute! This Website – where you are reading this post is powered by Wealthy Affiliate!

3) Quality Content

Quality Content to attract visitors to your blog

Content is the king when it comes to getting regular visitors to your blog. If you fill up your blog with poor content then you will hardly see any people visiting your site and they too will never return.

So it’s very important to write quality content that is relevant, readable and provides value, solutions, and help to your readers. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are interested in quality content and will give you better rankings which means more regular visitors and more traffic.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to be a writer – No. 

You do not have to be a writer to achieve success blogging.

You just have to communicate with your audience like you do with a friend or a family member over an email. It’s as simple as that.

Just focus on helping people by providing information, solutions and prompt answers to there questions and they will trust you and this will help you achieve long-lasting success online.

4) Authority

Be an authority in your blog niche

You would want people to know you and think of you when they have a question about a topic.

You do this through your blog which is a place for you to help people, share your knowledge and ideas and provide helpful solutions to your visitors. And for this, you need to be an authority in your niche.

This means that if someone has a question regarding a topic they should think of coming to you for an answer.

Whatever topic you write about in your blogs, your audience should see you as a final authority on this subject, from whom they can seek satisfactory answers and solutions to their problems.

5) Community

Build a strong community to help your blogging business grow

You need to build your online community. This is the most important aspect of making money.

They will share your posts, seek answers from you, purchase what you recommend, read every email you send and spread the word about everything you do.

They will be your true followers who will help your blogging business grow.

For this, it’s very important for you to be in constant communication with your community. The best way to do this is by building an email list.

6) Networking

Network with fellow bloggers to increase your blog traffic

There will be other bloggers writing about the topic, that you have written your blog on. You will require to normally see them as competition.

On the contrary, it will be a good idea to work along with them as your associates or colleagues. Be upfront and reach out to your fellow bloggers. Mention them in some of your blogs and let them know about it.

This will increase your traffic and help your blog grow, which will help you create a successful blog that will make you money.

So it’s very important that you create such relationships, which will trigger the growth of your blog by leaps and bounds.

Does this make sense? I am sure it does.

7) Email-list

Create an Email list to make money off your blog

Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, but almost everyone has an email, which they check regularly. So if you really want to make money from your blog, it’s important you create a mailing list.

Successful bloggers who are making big bucks from there blogs stress the importance of having an email list as it generates the highest income for them against all other sources.

Do I need to say anymore?

By building an email list, you are presenting yourself an opportunity to make as much money as you want, as higher subscribers mean higher revenue.

If you don’t have an audience you can rely upon, it can be tough to make money with your blog. You can’t rely on getting new traffic every month which can disappear in a moment.

Instead, you should create a mailing list, so that you always have a loyal audience.

How To Effectively Build an Email List?

There are several email list building service providers which you can use to create an email list and equip you with marketing automation, recurring newsletters, email sequences, autoresponders and much more. They offer different plans and you can choose one according to your requirement.

Most of them offer free trials, and you can try them before choosing your preferred email service provider.

I am listing below some of the most popular and commonly used email list providers which will make it easy for you to decide which one you should choose.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is simple and easy to use for beginner bloggers. There is a lot you will like about MailChimp.

You can get your email list up and running with their Forever Free plan. You will get 2000 subscriber’s free and 12000 emails per month. Even with their free plan, you will get access to most MailChimp features.

Enough ammunition to begin with, isn’t it?

They also offer two other plans which are

  • Grow  –    $10/month and up
  • Pro      –    $199 a month and up 

For a beginner, its wise to go for their Forever Free plan. Once you have a built your initial list of subscribers, you can choose from many other available options.

Mailchimp dislikes having mailing lists by affiliate marketers, and also are not very friendly to email lists that promote making money online etc. So you can go for Mailchimp if you have a niche heavy content website that does not require too much affiliate marketing.


If you are an affiliate marketer in niches like making money online, work from home or lead generation then Mailchimp is not the ideal choice for you as you might risk your Mailchimp account getting shut down, after you have put in all the blood  and sweat in building your email list.  If that’s the case, you can choose from many other options I have listed below.

2. MailerLite

MailerLite email list provider to grow your blog

701,254 freelancers, startups and businesses, around the world send more than 1 billion emails every month using MailerLite.

An  easy-to-use email editor, simple interface and intuitive navigation makes MailerLite the top choice for you if you are getting started into email marketing.

If you are a blogger with a modest budget then you will get more bang for your buck than just sending newsletters like contact tagging and segmentation,  automation workflows, and even a landing page editor, so you can even run sophisticated campaigns.

You will get features like WordPress integration, RSS campaigns and video marketing tailored especially for bloggers.

They offer following plans:

MailerLite plans to start an email list

If you have more subscribers then they have got plans for larger lists as well, so no worries. You get a 14 day free trial and a 30% discount if you pay yearly.

There are certain limitations with the free plan like you won’t get access to Live Chat Support, Newsletter Templates, Auto Resend to those who did’nt click or open your emails and a MailerLite logo will also be displayed at the bottom of all your emails.

3. Convertkit

Convertkit email list tool to grow your blog

Convertkit is the best email marketing platform for bloggers.

They build an email list for you that helps you grow your online business, by converting casual visitors into subscribers through trackable data, attractive forms, and simple yet powerful automations.

They offer plans ranging from $29 to $79 a month. You get 12 months for the price of 10 if you pay yearly, and they offer a 14-day free trial, which is worth trying out.

4. AWeber

Grow your blogging business with AWeber Email plans

Founded in 1998, Aweber is a noted email marketing service provider, helping 100,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs to create email lists in ways that grow their business.

Aweber offer plans ranging from $19 to $149 a month.

You can pay Quarterly or Annually and they provide a 30-day free trial which is long enough for you to explore their amazing platform and decide if you want to continue further.

5. E-goi

Promote your blog through E-goi E-mail marketing

Building an email list with them increases the chances and possibility of contact with your subscriber meaning more business and more money. E-Goi is so robust that you will feel like it’s Aweber on steroids.

E-Goi offers two types of plans – Subscription Plans & Pay-as-you-go Plans.

You get personalized tailor made prices depending on the number of subscribers and number of emails you want to send every month.Their subscription plans are: Starter, Pro & Corporate. 

They even offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you face any technical issues which they can’t fix.

Click my link or the image above to know the exact price based on your requirements.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse Email Marketing for blogging

GetResponse is the easiest email marketing platform with 350,000+ customers in 182 countries and provides services in 21 different languages.

Their monthly plans start from $15 a month, you get 18% to 30% discount on 12 and 24 months plans and you can try them out with a 30-day free trial.


If you sign up for the 30-day free trial with GetResponse by clicking on the below given link you will get a FREE GIFT!

Your FREE GIFT is an insightful E-book on How To Get To A 5-Figure Monthly Revenue Fast by Neil Patel – New York Times Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur and Internationally Recognized Online Marketing Strategist. (This offer may be withdrawn anytime without any prior notice).

Its the best thing you can get your hands on if you want to start an online business! Grab you free gift now!


7. MoonMail

Moonmail all in one Email list building tool

MoonMail lets you create huge email campaigns via Amazon’s cloud network as they operate in a serverless framework. From the moment your emails are sent you can track and monitor their performance. You can know whether your customers have opened your emails or not and how they interacted after reading them.

They are used by international brands and companies like Amazon, Poloniex, Merck and Warner Bros.

They offer a Free Forever Plan in which you can send 300 emails/month for free. The Starter Plan costs $23.99/month + $0.5 per 1,000 emails sent. Besides, they offer a 30 day refund policy if you are not happy.

Absolutely no harm in trying them out, hell yeah!!

8. Constant Contact

Powerful email marketing made easy by Constant contact

Constant Contact has become one of the most used email marketing tools with over 650,000 customers, Since their inception in 1995. They have a marketplace with over 400 apps and integrations for almost all niche of products.

You get a month’s free trial and a discounted price when you avail their standard email plans for paying 6 months or 12 months in advance. You can tailor make the plans and the price will vary according to the number of subscribers/contacts and features you want.

Their plans are:

Email Starting from $20/month & Unlimited E-mails

Email plus Starting from $45/month & Unlimited E-mails

Click on the link or Constant Contact image above to get MASSIVE DISCOUNT with Constant Contact email marketing plans during Thanksgiving 2019!

Save the Date:

2nd December To 4th December: Constant Contact is offering 40% off for the first 3 months!

Click on the image to see the plans.

Constant Contact offers tailor made price plans for email marketing

How To Earn Money Blogging

So finally… We come to what you have been waiting for eagerly.

It’s now when things start getting really interesting as I am going to tell you about the ways in which you will be making money.

I will be telling you about different ways you can make money blogging and you might want to try all of them.

But please don’t.

Your best way to make money will be unique to you, depending on the topic of your blog and target audience. You will start getting a feel of this and realize which is your favorite method, depending on certain factors like the level of income you are looking to make.

However, this does not mean you should be focusing on just one of the ways to make money.

It’s always advisable to have multiple sources that can make you money from your blog as if one of the sources dries up, you have other sources of income generation to fall back on.

You have been waiting long enough!

So I think we should get started with how you can make money from your blog.

1) Advertising

Make money from your blog through Google AdSense

Google Adsense is the easiest and most common way to start earning from your blog. You might remember seeing ads on other websites. You will display such ads from Google on your website and when a visitor will click on them you will earn a commission.

Google will give you a code which you have to copy and paste at a place where you want the ads to appear on your website.

Easy Peasy!

The ads will be relevant to the content of your website, which will enhance the overall visitor experience. Google Adsense is one of the biggest networks and will give you an exhaustive list of ads.

You just have to create high-quality engaging content!

Apart from Google Adsense, there are other alternatives as well, which you can sign up with to place ads on your website to earn money through ads and drive more traffic.

1) Mediavine

2) Chitika

3) Infolinks


The only downside of placing ads is that the earning potential is too low unless your blog attracts lots of traffic. New bloggers start putting lots of ads thinking they will earn more money as they are too impatient. But finally, they get frustrated, when they can’t make any money due to lack of traffic.

So please don’t fall for this and be patient. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Please put this into practice.

2) Private Ads

Private Ads to monetize your blog

Have you ever rented out your property or any type of real estate?

It’s the same here.

Your website or blog is your online real estate. There are companies who want to advertise on your blog and for this, they will rent a space on your blog or website and will pay you a fee for that.

Interesting, isn’t it?

These ads will be in the form of links, banners, and sponsored posts.

However, these companies will reach out to you only if your blog gets lots of traffic. So yes you can use this as an additional source of income, as it’s hardly going to make you thousands of dollars unless you have written a blog that is extremely popular.

If you are looking to generate a passive income and earn thousands of dollars, then you will have to choose wisely. To do this, read on the next method.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing the most powerful way to make money from your blog

Affiliate Marketing is a powerful way, to make as much money as you want.

You simply promote other people’s or company’s products on your website or blog. You don’t have to handle storage, shipping, inventories or customer issues. It will be handled by the company whose products you are promoting.

You will be given a unique affiliate link and when someone clicks on that link on your website, he will be taken to the respective company’s website. If he makes a purchase you earn a commission. Bingo!

You just have to select your own niche, that is something you are passionate about. A niche is basically a hobby or interest of yours.

For eg.,

  • If you love traveling you can build a website around traveling and promote travel packages, travel insurance, and travel accessories like bags, shoes, and stuff.
  • If you are into health and fitness, you can promote a wide range of health, fitness and weight loss products.
  • If yoga is your hobby or passion, you can promote yoga mats, yoga courses, and yoga clothing.

The opportunities are endless in affiliate marketing.

You can promote millions of different products and the earning potential is huge, depending on how much you want to make as the sky is the limit.

The best part of affiliate marketing is that your website works for you, even while you are asleep or away.

People have left there regular 9 to 5 jobs and turned into successful online entrepreneurs with affiliate marketing and are earning an ecstatic income, which they could not have even dreamed of in their lifetime.

Affiliate Marketing is the most successful and legit online business model, that gives you unlimited earning potential by living a laptop lifestyle and you can operate from your home or anywhere.

Now that’s true freedom, isn’t it ?.

Wealthy Affiliate, my top recommended platform, provides you a step by step training on how you can create a successful online business with affiliate marketing.

And guess what?

You can get all this training starting for FREE!

That’s Right!

You can start right now today prior to making a full commitment absolutely FREE! No Credit Card Required! Just Click the box below!

wealthy Affiliate free membership to start making money by blogging

There is a quite overwhelming list of affiliate programs available for you to join. They are the programs you have to join, to become an affiliate of a company to promote its products.

Among new bloggers, the Amazon Affiliate program and Clickbank Affiliate program are quite popular, whereby you can promote Amazon and Clickbank products.

You can even join affiliate marketing networks like ShareASale and Commission Junction. They have thousands of affiliate programs for various brands, which you can join and promote from one centralized platform.

4) Sell Your Own Product

Sell your own products on your blog or website

You can even sell your own products on your blog or website. How much money you make will depend on the product, it’s quality and popularity.

If you already have a product then it’s worth trying. It’s the best way you can set up your own home-based business.

Here is A Beginner’s Guide To Home Based Business, if you want to start a successful home-based business.

If you don’t have a product, you can even buy readymade products from wholesale suppliers and auction sites. AliExpress is the easiest and best place where you can get in touch with  suppliers around the world.

There is wide range of products like designer clothes, designer bags, shoes, watches, etc. that you can buy from suppliers and resell it for a profit on your blog or website.

Its a highly profitable business and there are many people who make a great deal of money selling such products online.

For a couple of  such amazing business ideas, I recommend you go through my related posts –

Related Posts:

It will give you all the important information and a complete blueprint of starting a lucrative home-based business, selling your own products which otherwise would take months for you to research.

The product you sell can be a physical product or can be a digital product like an e-book, online course or even freelance writing.

The biggest benefit you will have with digital products is that your entire business will be fully automated and you won’t have to worry about storage, shipping, etc. and you get to earn a recurring passive income.

Also, the profit you earn is high as there are almost no overhead costs and you get to keep 100% of the profit.

Read on to know more about selling digital products.

5) E-Books

Sell digital products like e-books on your blog

E-books are the easiest digital products you can create and sell.

Don’t believe it? You will in a minute!

An e-book is not a novel, where you have to be a writer and write hundreds of pages. The best e-books are short and brief but provide valuable information.

Think of ebooks as a longer version of blog posts that you will be writing and that’s it. You will need a writing platform like Apple Pages, Google Pages or Microsoft Word which will allow you to convert your document as PDF.

Make sure you write an e-book on a topic you know about and are interested in. Research the topic on the internet, go through newspapers, books, magazines, reviews, your own life experiences, others experiences and other sources you can get your hands on.

Make sure the topic is relevant and interesting enough for your readers to buy from you. Provide your audience with value, help, solutions and important information that will save their time and make their life easier and they will readily buy from you.

Finally, sell your first e-book at a reasonable price, so that it won’t be too much for anyone to purchase and you will be able to sell it quickly and easily.

$8 to $35 will be a good price range to start selling your first e-book.

6) Online Courses

Sell online courses on your blog

You can create online courses similar to e-books.

Again the topic should be about something that people are interested in and are willing to learn about. It’s much simpler and easier than you think, as long as the topic is about something you are interested in.

  • If your blog is about weight loss you can create an online course about a highly sought after topic like lose weight in 30 days.
  • If you run a blog on Yoga you could sell a Yoga course
  • If you have a food blog you can have a course on recipes

Online courses are sold at a higher price than e-books, depending on – the type of course you have designed, it’s popularity, importance, relevance and how well the audience knows you.

You can find out the average price at which courses in your niche sell, to have a better idea.

There are short courses sold for $27, some for $49 and some that are designed by experts at $999.

7) Freelance Writer

Sell freelance writing services to make money from your blog

Many people like to work as freelancers. For eg. Web Designers and App developers.

They offer certain types of services to there clients and get paid in return.

Many successful bloggers and affiliate marketers hire content writers to write content for them.

What can be a better proof than your blog, that you can write?

So it’s a great idea to sell freelance writing services to make money from your blog. Your blog is proof of your writing abilities and you can use it to attract clients in your niche.

Freelance writing is a great way to start making money, instead of waiting around, when your blog is new and has less traffic.

8) Sell Your Blog/Website

(Click Anywhere on The Image to Read The Full Story)

OnlineGeek sold his first website for $38479

Boston sold his website on Flippa for $12500

Did you see that?

I mean, did you really see that?

Remember, I told you that your website is your online real estate?

You can even sell your blog or website, as there is a huge market for it. With websites like and, you can sell or even buy websites and you can make a great deal of money out of it.

The price you get depends upon several factors like the type of your blog or website, how old and popular it is, the amount of traffic it gets and how much revenue does it generate for itself.

If you get bored or lose interest in your niche, or think it’s saturated and see no growth, then it’s better to sell it, than letting it die in the oblivion.

Or if you like to jump from topic to topic and love making quick money, then you can think of selling your website.

My Final Thoughts…

Does all this sound good to you? It definitely sounds great to me!

After all this talk you must be asking yourself, whether I should start a blog?

Of course you should!

Blogging is an excellent way for you to make good money if done in the right way. It gives you an opportunity to open yourself up to the world and connect with a worldwide audience from your laptop.

That’s the power of the internet. So why not leverage it through blogging and make money out of it?

Don’t hold yourself back or be intimidated by its process or the technical sounding terminologies!

It’s easier than you think and will become second nature, once you start your journey as a blogger.

Today, more and more people are looking for ways to break free from the daily grind of 9 to 5 or for a job/career change.

I have provided you with all the information, strategies and platforms you need to start blogging. This saves you a great deal of time you would have spent researching, which you can now utilize in creating – YOUR FIRST EVER BLOG!

There are countless success stories out there and the formula is quite simple.



Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now. 

All the Best!

Set up your blog for free with Wealthy Affiliate

What are your thoughts on starting a blog to make money?

Have you ever tried it?

If yes how was your experience? Can you please share it with our readers?

I would like to hear from you and welcome you to leave your comments, questions, and opinions in the comments section below.

And finally, don’t forget to pin the images in this post on Pinterest and share it on your favorite social media platforms.

See ya!



  1. akshaysaxena

    Awesome post, Nick. You have covered the content very exhaustively, every single detail is sufficiently covered. There are a lot of new information for me, as well. Best part of the blogging is that it builds trust among our audience. And, building TRUST is the most essential aspect of any entrepreneur. 

    Also, I believe that advertising is the most important aspect to grow our blogging business or to do affiliate marketing. What sort of ads would you recommend to a beginner? Facebook ads, Bing ads or any other mode!! 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. This information will serve huge value to your audience. It’s wonderful. 

    1. Hi Akshay,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Facebook and Bing ads are good to start with for a beginner.

      However, I have also mentioned other sources like Google Ads, Mediavine, Chitika, Infolinks and You can click on them to find out more. The ads have to relevant to the content of your website.

      The money you earn from ads won’t be high enough unless you get loads of regular traffic. So it’s advisable to have this as a source of some extra income and go for affiliate marketing.

      Wishing you great luck ahead.



  2. JJ

    Hi Nick, I used to wonder how blogging could work for me. I am getting into the swing of blogging about what I truly love and I have gotten some responses(not a lot). This article really sets out much more information that I will need. The explanations are just what I need and I am particularly glad that you had some discussion on advertising and getting customers. Thank you 

  3. coralie


    I was just reading through your blog and you really did a great job of providing a ton of options for people wanting to start a blog. When I was done reading, I couldn’t believe how much I have learned from it. The idea of selling your website, I had never even heard of before. It was very interesting, all the different options that people have.

    Anyone wanting to start a blog and find out how to make money with, will really find so many great ideas in your blog, that will really help them.

    Great job and best of luck

    1. Hi Coralie,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have given all the information a beginner needs, to begin and monetize his blog so that he doesn’t have to spend time researching about it anywhere else. The time he saves can be spent in creating his first ever blog, which is a foundation of a successful online business for him.

      I am glad that you earned a great deal from my post.

      Good luck and God Bless


  4. Mahin Al Banna

    Hey Nick,

    This is an informative and helpful article I must say. I love writing, it’s my passion. I have recently opened a blogging website for this reason and also por earnings purpose. But I did not have proper ideas about it. After reading your article I have come to many things and learned a lot from you. I liked that you have given a proper guideline for a beginner from creating his website and choosing niche to getting traffic on website. I heard about WordPress dot com before but I did not know much about this platform. I have understood the importance of it. And I will keep all of your tips in mind to extend my blogging career.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Mahin

      You are most welcome.

      I am glad that you have taken your first step and have already created a blogging website. Initially, it will require lots of efforts, hard work, and patience from you. So keep calm, earn everything and implement it.

      Wish you a great success ahead.

  5. George

    Hello. At first i wanted to make money online. And i wanted to do it by doing it at home. And i always had a passion for gaming equipment i just never thought i could make money out of it.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate because it was free. I met another program that wanted me to pay. So i went for the free first. Well the cost (even 19$) was considerable for me to pay even for the first month. I went through all that was available for free and i decided the last day that i will pay.

    I’m at second month now and i still haven’t made any sale. But from what i’ve seen there is a lot of potential to be discovered so i still stay and try to get yearly subscription because it will be cheaper in the long term.

    What matters most is people.Even if you have money but with those you work you don’t like them it will be a drag. The point of doing this kind of work is to have independence and be happy when you are working. When you are with the right people, the work becomes less like a drag and more like fun. Even if the work, if you are a beginner, is still not making fruits (i mean money).

    And the more fun is that there lots of people that are way more progressed than you and you can learn from them.

    Your article was an interesting read. Especially in the email marketing section. I also liked the ebook and course section. But i think the last two are for me too far. Anyways, good job, looking forward to more interesting articles.

    1. Nick

      Hi George,

      Even I went for the free membership account with Wealthy Affiliate initially, as I knew nothing about making money online by blogging. But once I went through all the free stuff I understood the science behind it that how exactly everything works.

      And yes the community at Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing one can have. The truly pay it forward system and success stories constantly provide you with step by step guidance, motivation, and direction. 

      Getting yearly membership is a good idea as it works out to be much cheaper and you don’t have to remind yourself to renew every month. 

      I am sure if you stick to the training you are surely going to see success. 

      All the best


  6. Owillz

    I totally agree with you. Opting for a self hosted website is way better and also, it makes your website appear more professional. I may be wrong but I learnt that in terms of getting approval for Google ads, it’s difficult to be approved when using a free hosting platforms (amongst other criterias) like wix or even WordPress. My advice is go for a paid host. 

    1. Nick

      Very true.

      Buying your own domain and self-hosting is something one should consider down the road if he is seriously thinking of growing his online business. 

      Not only Google Adsense but even search engines like Gooogle, Bing, and Yahoo will give you better rankings as it will show them that you are serious for your business.

      However, for those who can’t afford the initial costs but still want to start blogging, I will advise them to use the free platforms that are available initially and then go about purchasing a domain and self-hosting, once they start earning some money. It’s still a better option than to part away from your blogging career due to initial costs. 

  7. Antonio

    Hi Nick

    I enjoyed your article on how to be a blogger and make money from it, as it covers all the bases. I found the piece on email list very interesting as it is something which I would like to look into. 

    There are many pitfalls in becoming a blogger, and I think staying motivated can be a difficult aspect, as the setbacks you experience can be disheartening.  I think the problem is how much money you need to invest in order to be a success, as it is not only domain costs but all other costs involved. Your article has given to me extra impetus to look into this further.

    Thank You


    1. Nick

      Hi Antonio,

      If you play your cards right and make some smart choices, then you can start your blogging business for free. 

      For eg. with Wealthy Affiliate, you can start your blogging business for absolutely free. 

      You have 2 free websites and both these websites come with free web hosting. They will come with a .siterubix domain and you can buy your own domain once this free website starts making some money for you. 

      Also in this free membership, they will give you 10 free lessons of each of their 2 training courses which are 20 free lessons in total. This is enough to set your feet in blogging and start earning some money which you can further invest in other things. 

      I started out exactly in the same way.

      I would recommend you to do it this way.

      All the best.


  8. Strahinja

    Hey there Nick. I am really impressed by this post. It has almost everything one beginner in affiliate marketing should know. I had problems when I was starting because I know nothing about blogging, SEO and all other important aspects of a website. 

    That is because I failed at the beginning. My success started that day when I found Wealthy Affiliate. Training there got me where I am today, working from my home and earning good money. I would like to know how did you start your affiliate marketing journey.

    You seem very experienced to me. Have you created any websites before this one?

    Thank you.


    1. Nick

      Hi Strahinja,

      It’s great to know that finally, you are earning good money by working from home.

      I share a somewhat common story with you, as even I started my affiliate marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate. 

      I have a degree in marketing, and all these years I have worked with some top organizations in the UK in the marketing arena. That might be the reason I seem to be experienced to you.

      As of now, this the website I am focusing on. There are other niches I have and it will take some time to roll out websites based on these niches.



  9. David

    You really hit every possible way to make money through blogging. I never knew there were so many options that literally anyone can find something they can do. I’ve always been interested in starting an online business for all the reasons you mentioned in your article.

    The one thing that has stopped me was the fact that I do not enjoy writing. I used to dread writing papers for school so I figured blogging just wasn’t for me. You, however, mentioned that you do not have to even be good at writing to be successful. Do you think writing like I was having a conversation with someone would attract people or would it seem too unprofessional?

    Thank you for writing this post. You’ve sparked an interest of mine that I need to revisit.

    1. Nick

      Hi David,

      It’s not about being professional. It’s about being as natural and helpful as you can. 

      So yes, you can write in a conversational style, as if you are talking to a friend. Your blogs have to be engaging and interesting enough for your visitors to read. And that can happen only when you are having a natural, human touch in your writing. That’s it. It’s as simple as that!

      And mind well, the blogs you write will be around a niche ( a hobby or passion ) of yours. So it will be more of an enjoyable experience and not something you are pushing yourself into.

      So it’s the right time, you put your interest in blogging at work and earn some good money out of it. 

      All the best. 


  10. Jannatul Ferdaus

    This is an informative and helpful article I must say. After reading your article I have come to many things and learned a lot from your article. I liked that you have given a proper guideline for a beginner from creating  website and choosing niche to getting traffic on website.Wealthy Affiliate Marketing is the most successful and legit on line business model, that gives us unlimited earning potential by living a laptop lifestyle and beginners can operate from their home or anywhere.I think this is the best way to make money for the beginners. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Nick

      Hi Jannatul Ferdaus,

      The article was intended to give all the information required by a beginner to start a blogging business and turn it into an online money making venture.  The time and energy saved can be utilized to start writing a blog!

      For sure, Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for beginners as they provide a well laid out training along with all other stuff like web hosting, domains, etc.

      The training provided at Wealthy Affiliate does play a crucial role for a beginner to get a firm foothold in the blogging industry.

      Thanks for your comment.


  11. Nuttanee

    You are absolutely right that every expert was once a beginner. I have a few things to share about blogging. After many years in the workforce from management to ownership, burnt me. The hours, the money, the people, the problem these are the contribution that drove me to find a better living online.

    I had no idea where to start but according to the youtube stars, everyone told me that I need to have a website. Hostgator or Bluehost are great but They do not give out the free website. I did some research about free website but that led me to too many information that overwhelmed a beginner like me.

    So, I thought to myself there is no way I can do this without training. So I was on the quest to look for a platform that will teach me on how to make money online. I came across Dan Lok, the high ticket seller and I thought that his idea was great. Coming from my investing background, everything the guy said made a total sense for me at the time. I almost make a purchase of $2,9xx.

    Thank god I did my research on one blog. People are sharing their experience on the comments and to my surprise Dan Lok and his minions are harassing the owner of the blog and threatening people with lawsuit. That is a big red flag to me. And that is when I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

    WA has offered a free trial with free lessons and 2 website. I read it and think to myself why not? I signed up and fell in love even more because WA only asked my full name and email 🙂 The rest is history, I am 10 months in with WA and I am learning a lot everyday. Glad that I find a platform that do not rip me off.

    1. Nick

      Hi Nuttanee,

      I must say you have gone through a roller coaster ride and thanks for sharing your personal experience with our readers. 

      I am so happy you have finally freed yourself from the daily grind of 9 t 5 and have fund success at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Your hard work and patience have truly paid off.

      Wishing more power to you.

      All the best


  12. Josh

    I struggle with doubting myself while blogging, and I’m sure that’s part of what is holding me back because I’m always overthinking and this needs to stop. So this is something I’m working on…

    As a tip I have to ask myself what do I have to lose if I try and actually don’t make money? The nice thing is that the answer isn’t much because I’m not going broke as blogging to make money is a low cost way to start an online business.

    Another thing I have to remember is that it will take a while to see results, it takes consistent work and what I’m working for is the “endgame” or the final result and not for immediate success.

    While quality content is important, I feel that it’s incredibly important for people to just start writing and then come back and make it “quality” later on. Get all your ideas down on the screen, and don’t worry about it being perfect.

    Anyway those are just my two cents, I’m still working on overcoming my obstacles but know that with consistent work I’ll start making money!

    1. Nick

      Hi Josh.

      Self-doubting is a common emotion which everyone goes through. So please don’t take it seriously. This is more of a trial and error thing. You will learn important lessons from your errors which will help you shape your online business in the right direction. So even by making errors, you are gaining, not losing.

      I truly love your honesty and you have answered your own question later in your comment. 

      I am glad that at the bottom of your heart, you know the answer – just stick to it and keep working. Remember, success is a result of the same efforts repeated day in day out. 

      Al the best


  13. Ayockson

    Hi Nick, thanks for the well detailed and informative article you’ve shared. To make money from blogging I learned it’s very possible. There is an unlimited possibilities that one can go in making money online. I love one thing you mentioned in your article “hardwork”. A lots of person started an online business and they expect it to start paying within a short period which you and I know it almost impossible. To make money from blogging is very possible but it requires patience, focus, determination, persistence and hardwork. If you really put these attribute in action they sky would definitely be your limit. “Hardwork pay pretty huge”. 

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    1. Nick

      Hi Ayockson,

      You are very right when you say there are many people who want to earn quick cash online. However, there are no shortcuts to success and one should never forget that.

      As blogging is a legit business, it will take some time before you start earning money. But in the end, it will be worth it, as it has got the potential to make you as much money as you like. 

      It will require hard work in the initial stage, just like it takes in setting up any traditional business before it starts earning profits for you. 

      All the best


  14. Nathan

    Hey Nick,

    This is an amazing detailed piece on how to blog.  One of the things I struggle with as a blogger is simply the motivation in writing content.  By following the training at WA they do a really good job of keeping me engaged as I go through the process of learning how to monetize a blog.

    I feel more people need to get into the making money online business, and for anyone who is even just considering it, I would refer them to this article, as you have very clearly outlined the process and everything you need to know on one platform.  Great work. 

    1. Nick

      Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting my website. 

      Please don’t overthink about writing content. You don’t have to a writer to write content. It’s just about providing the right information, help, and solutions.  Just write whatever you can in a conversational style, as if you are talking to friend, family or relative over an email. 

      Your readers are the same human beings as you and they will easily connect with you. Once you write a few posts, you will find it much easier than you think. So please overthink as its no more complicated than this. 

      And yes, you can surely refer anyone wanting to start a blogging career, to my post.

      All the best


  15. Linda Cooper

    Wow, that is a lot of excellent information. I did a daily blog for years because I enjoyed it, showing crafting items from various places, built up a lot of traffic but had no idea at that time that you could make money from it. Lack of time meant I stopped writing.

    I noticed recently that despite the lack of posts it still got some traffic each month, so started writing again. So I will be using some of this information to help improve it and hopefully monetize it.. 

    I hadn’t realised it was such big business for so many, I thought it was just a few popular ones that made money.

    Thank you for this comprehensive information, it’s very helpful and useful.

    1. Nick

      Hi Linda,

      It’s great to know that your blog has still got some traffic coming in each month. That’s half job already done. 

      It takes quite a while for beginners to reach this stage 

      Now just be on your toes and monetize your blog by implementing the strategies I have mentioned in my post. You can refer to the post as many times as you wish, but please don’t leave any stone unturned. And consider building an email list with any of the email list builders mentioned in my post. That’s going to generate a consistent stream of revenue for your blog.

      You are already halfway to your online success and I am sure you will be seeing it anytime soon.  

      I am always there to help you out if you ever need any help.

      Good Luck and God Bless


  16. Hi Nick, This is an excellent, informative, easy to read post that I will be using as a resource for some time! Thanks for all of the helpful links and site comparisons. I will certainly be picking up a number of your suggestions and I have been blogging for a while! I hope this doesn’t put you in a poor position but which list building site do you think is the best (for bloggers)? I have used Aweber before (many years ago) and found it a bit confusing (then). Thanks again.

    1. Hi Tania,

      You are most welcome to use this post as when you like. That’s what I have written it for. To help aspiring bloggers, affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs.

      I am happy to know that you have been blogging for a while now.

      The best email list building site differs from blogger to blogger as no two human beings are the same. So you will have to compare the ones that I have listed in my post and find the one that you are comfortable with and suits your needs.

      Still, if you can’t choose one then go for the free plan of MailChimp, a simple and easy to use email list builder for beginners. You will get 2000 free subscriber’s and 12000 email per month in this free plan.

      Once you are comfortable you can always think of switching to the paid plan or to a different email list builder.

      Hope this helps.

      I am always there to give you a helping hand if you ever need anything.

      Good Luck and God Bless


  17. Tania Halpin

    Hi Nick, This is an excellent, informative, easy to read post that I will be using as a resource for some time! Thanks for all of the helpful links and site comparisons. I will certainly be picking up a number of your suggestions and I have been blogging for a while! I hope this doesn’t put you in a poor position but which list building site do you think is the best (for bloggers)? I have used Aweber before (many years ago) and found it a bit confusing (then). Thanks again.

    1. Hi Tania,

      You are most welcome to use this post as when you like. That’s what I have written it for. To help aspiring bloggers, affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs.

      I am happy to know that you have been blogging for a while now.

      The best email list building site differs from blogger to blogger as no two human beings are the same. So you will have to compare the ones that I have listed in my post and find the one that you are comfortable with and suits your needs.

      Still, if you can’t choose one then go for the free plan of MailChimp, a simple and easy to use email list builder for beginners. You will get 2000 free subscriber’s and 12000 email per month in this free plan.

      Once you are comfortable you can always think of switching to the paid plan or to a different email list builder.

      Hope this helps.

      I am always there to give you a helping hand if you ever need anything.

      Good Luck and God Bless


  18. Sue

    Wow Nick, you weren’t kidding when you said you would be answering all our questions in this post. I have a website focusing on a niche that I am passionate about and reasonably experienced in (although I am learning even more through research.) So a lot of the stuff you mention I do know something about; However, I must admit that I had no idea how important it is to have an e-mail list! I’ve heard people talk about it, and I always had it in the back of my mind that  “I gotta do that sometime soon.”

    Thanks you for making me aware the importance of having one, and that is surely going to be my next immediate project. I will also be bookmarking your site. Thanks so much for sharing this treasure trove of blogging tips. It’s a great comprehensive guide!


    1. Nick

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I always try to answer the questions asap, as I don’t like to keep my readers waiting around. 

      And it’s great that you have come to know about the importance of having an email list. It will take a while to build your list of subscriber’s, but once you have it, it will be worth it.

      Successful bloggers who are making a great deal of money from their blogs insist on having an email list as it earns the highest revenue for them against all their sources.

      You can pick an email list builder that suits you from the list I have mentioned in my post.

      Wish you lots and lots of success ahead


  19. Nate MC

    These are excellent tips and advice for beginners who want to blog. I think a lot of beginners should practice being consistent too. In my opinion, many bloggers who are new are not consistent enough with content creation.

    Do you have any advice on what WordPress plugins beginners should consider using?

    1. Hi Nate,

      You are spot on about consistency. Consistent efforts in the initial stage are pre-requites for achieving success as a blogger as you are going to work without any monetary returns until you start making money from your blog.

      Beginners can use plugins like All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, EWWW Image Optimizer, Pretty Links and Convert Plus and Connects – Get Response Add On.

      However, make sure you don’t install too many plugins as it slows down the speed of your website which affects the overall visitor experience.

      Hope this answers your question.



  20. flowstash

    I want to thank you for putting this great article together. I’m somewhat of a novice on this subject but after reading this post I have learned a lot from just this posted material alone. I can only imagine all the great knowledge you produce on all the other posts here on your website (which I will come back and learn more from later). I have learned plenty of new information that I didn’t know before. Information that I have written down in my notes.

    I have also bookmarked your site as well as bookmarked other sites you recommend.

    As an online entrepreneur, I vouge for a lot of things you said already. For example, I have written my own eBook, How To Remedy Psoriasis Naturally. I sell it from my website among other platforms. But for the most part, I am still learning and practicing affiliate marketing via Wealthy Affiliate. It is the latter practice I am making small amounts of profit for now and then large profits someday soon.

    Thanks again for writing this.

    1. Nick


      I am so happy that you have already written an e-book. 

      I love the topic of it – How To Remedy Psoriasis Naturally. I am sure it’s going to help so many people suffering from this skin disease.

      As you said you are selling your e-book and also you have started making small amounts of profits through affiliate marketing via Wealthy Affiliate, it proves that you are heading in the right direction.

      All the best

      Wishing you a great success ahead.


  21. Dave Sweney

    A very thorough and easy to follow set of instructions on how to make money blogging that any beginner will be able to use, I enjoyed reading through your guide. I remember starting out that I did not have access to such a post that would have been so helpful and saved me so much time.

    I can say that 4 years later and a lot of work over that time that what you are advising will work for anyone. There is not a huge skill set required to set up a blog, but there are a lot of things to learn and practice to have a good chance at success from whatever blog you start.

    There is a litany of courses that you will find available on the internet with a simple search, and some are better than others while there are also a large number of bad products and platforms out there that will cost too much money and waste your time.

    After casting about for a couple of months, I settled on the same platform that you recommend and have not looked back since. I still am a member today, as they offer that much value, and my real cost is nothing because I am making commissions from the lessons and sites that I have set up over the years.

    I am sure that everyone who is looking for guidance as a beginner for starting up a blog and earning money from the effort will be well-served by following your suggestions. I do wish there were more reputable marketers out there, as it seems too many are just interested in a commission as opposed to taking care of their readers as you are doing. Thanks…

    1. Nick

      Hi Dave,

      I can see that you had quite a fulfilling experience going through my post, as you have mentioned some very interesting points in your comment.

      I do agree it was a lengthy post, but my main concern was to provide all necessary and relevant information, that every aspiring blogger would be looking for in the beginning.

      I am glad to know that you are with Wealthy Affiliate, and I am sure the experience you shared with us today will enlighten many beginner bloggers.

      Thanks a lot




  22. Oscar Ndayizeye

    Hello Nick

    I’m very lucky to have found your post. It’s very informative and I had to read and re-read about the MailChimp! I was particularly looking for a scheme that could help me grow my subscribers email list. I’m most grateful and am going to come back to read from you. Young bloggers like me need guidance like this given in this article!

    Waiting forward to reading another article,


    1. Nick

      Hi Oscar.

      It’s indeed an honor for me that beginners like you are getting useful information from my post. It’s for the same reason I wrote this fully comprehensive post so that beginners in blogging have to look no further for any sort of information. 

      I have updated some more information on MailChimp in my post. 

      Please go through it and it’s going to help you even further. 

      Please do get in touch with me if you need any help. I will be more than happy to help you out.

      Wishing you great success in blogging.

      All the best!


  23. Ray

    Wow! That is probably the most comprehensive post I have ever seen on blogging. The most important part of your post was right at the beginning. That was when you tell people right up front that proper blogging is the furthest thing from a get rich quick scheme. Success in the online world will go to those who are thorough and patient and understand the value of quality content.

    Content is King is what we hear all the time for good reason. Without quality content, all the other steps will be a waste of time. Your post is an excellent example of this. If the first few sentences of your lengthy post were full of typos, and not well-written, you would lose visitors right away and the rest of your blog would not even be read.

    On the contrary, I was drawn into your post because I wanted to hear more and more about what you wanted to say. I have no idea for example, of how to set up a mailing list or where to find forms like MailChimp. Now I do.

    Thank you for an excellent post that will help many people get started in successful blogging.

    1. Nick

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks, for stopping by and reading the full post. 

      I am glad that you got some useful information in setting up a mailing list and such other important stuff from my post.



  24. delroaustria

    I am an affiliate marketer for two years now with the Amazon affiliate program.  To my journey with money making online business, I can honestly say that it is possible to earn money from blogging.  

    Before I became an affiliate marketer, I started to zero and know nothing about building a website and writing content.  

    I agree with the truthfulness of this post.  

    As a word of advice, making money online is about learning and educating yourself.  More importantly, it is about taking action on the principles you learned. 

    Just a friendly reminder for beginners:  It really takes time before your hard work pays off.  If you have no patience at all, then this business is not right for you.  

    1. Nick

      Very well said.

      It’s about learning and implementing it, along with patience and perseverance, which will finally yield you a successful outcome of making money from your blog. 

      Thanks for sharing your experience and some useful insights with our readers. 

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