Is Coffee Shop Millionaire Legit? My Detailed Review

Is Coffee Shop Millionaire Legit? My Detailed Review

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Excited by the very idea of making millions while sitting in a coffee shop! Well Coffee Shop Millionaire promises you exactly the same thing.

So, is Coffee Shop Millionaire Legit?

While looking for a genuine online money making program, if you have stumbled upon Coffee Shop Millionaire, read on to get an honest answer to all your questions and know everything about this online home based business.


Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website: (Visit Site)

Price: $37 a month plus Upsells

Owner: Anthony Trister

Ratings: 3/5

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Coffee Shop Millionaire Introductory Video by Founder Anthony Trister
Coffee Shop Millionaire Introductory Video by Founder Anthony Trister. Click to watch the full video

Coffee Shop Millionaire (CSM) is a very popular online money making program and is the brainchild of Anthony Trister. It teaches you internet marketing through several training modules and lessons.

The term “millionaire” used in the name is bound to lure you into quite high and unrealistic expectations. Even the lengthy introductory video does this with ease, as Anthony claims to teach you a business model in which you get to see regular payments coming in daily while sitting in a coffee shop!

Anthony Trister looks quite convincing in the introductory video and it all sounds great, but most part of the video and the website talks about how you can achieve the millionaire dream, live a laptop lifestyle and earn a six-figure income while traveling the world!

This reminds me of the very same sinking feeling that I get hearing pitches like this.

Read my full review below to know more!

Pros and Cons


  • Low cost to start with ($37 per month)
  • Feasible Business Model
  • Fairly clear about the hard work you need to put in and the actual earning potential


  • Anthony Trister pitches it as a really easy thing to do which it is definitely not!
  • Earnings are not at the millionaire extent even if you are the most successful member!
  • The positive reviews you find on the internet are due to a major GURU launch- A group of Gurus promoting each other’s products to make money from people like you (and they haven’t even used the product!)
  • Lots of additional hidden expenses which are not mentioned you don’t even know about.
  • Several types of complaints by dissatisfied members can be found all over the internet.
  • Outdated training not in line with the latest online marketing trends.
  • Poor or zero real support if you need help with anything
  • An array of several irritating upsells

Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire For?

What is coffee shop millionaire? Is coffee shop millionaire legit?

CSM targets online marketers of all levels. You can go through each of the training modules as many times as you want to gain a better understanding.

However, the real hard work begins from here (like it does in any real business!).

So if you took Anthony Trister’s hands-free earning pitch seriously, you are bound to feel disappointed and frustrated.

There isn’t any active community or real support available in CSM and the training assumes that you have some online marketing knowledge. So if you are a beginner to home-based or online marketing business, then this is program is not worth joining.

Also, if you are looking for a full-fledged program that can help you start earning a full-time income online, solely based on the training provided within that program, then CSM is not for you.

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But yes, if you are looking to start an online business and are okay knowing that the information provided with CSM is fairly basic, and are ready to fill in the gaps left by Anthony Trister by spending for additional resources before you start earning a decent income, then I think you will enjoy CSM!

What Tools and Training Does CSM Offer?

Training Offered at Coffee Shop Millionaire

CSM offers 12 training modules that provide all the information you need to get started in internet marketing, along with additional videos, forums and the CSM community.

They claim to provide you with a cheat sheet that gives you a blueprint to making $21K in just a couple of weeks from scratch and that too without a product of your own or a subscriber’s list!

Anyone who is into online business knows this is simply unrealistic! Even the existing internet marketers with all their experience can’t make such money if they start from scratch.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Claims To Make You $21000 in 21 Days. Is Coffee Shop Millionaire legit?

There is a section in the training called “Cash Machines” which covers email marketing, video marketing, and article marketing. Although these are proven tactics used by online marketers, the training does not cover the actual specifics and too much is left out. It misses out on the details of how to actually make money using them.

There is not a single clear path or approach to follow and it feels like an unsteady flow of separate bits of training. It feels like a collection of not so clear methods rather than one single method that works.

Support Offered by CSM

CSM does offer all the standard customer support options like phone and email and they claim to have an active and knowledgeable community that will answer most of your questions quickly.

However, what I found is that even the most basic questions of members remained unanswered and those who emailed help desk were lucky if they ever received a response.

Even the Facebook page of CSM is having lots of unanswered complaints and to me this a sign of limited and untimely support and the much-hyped sales pitch of Anthony Trister doesn’t seem to come to life when it comes to providing support to its members.

The Price – $37 a month + Upsells

Cost of joining Coffee Shop Millionaire is $37/month followed several upsells

CSM lures people in with a somewhat small cost of $37 a month.

Once you pay this amount, you are then hit with an upsell of $297 for a product called Six Figure Success Club. You don’t have to buy if you don’t want to.


If you don’t, then you are not giving yourself the best chance to succeed.

So now your total investment has quickly become $334 and you are not even in the member’s area yet!

But this is not your last investment. Now you are asked to buy your own web hosting and domain name without which you won’t have a website to apply the training.

So now you have gone from $37 to a massive $400 some odd dollars.


Unhappy With Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Clickbank handles payments for CSM.

If you want a refund from CSM then I would advise you to go directly to Clickbank.

My findings suggest that Clickbank is really good at honoring refunds, whether the owner of the product likes it or not.

The Final Verdict – Coffee Shop Millionaire

Anthony Trister pitches CSM as a product that will start making you money by sitting in a coffee shop for a few hours a day which is simply unrealistic by any stretch of imagination.

It’s a viable business model but CSM is far from a complete, start to finish product that thoroughly explains all the steps and challenges you will come across along the way. Not to forget lack of an active community and adequate support.

If you are lured by the hype in the introductory video (if you get through without nodding off!) and sign up, you will get hit with loads of upsells and still not finish shelling out money to simply get started.

If you are expecting that CSM will fulfill the promises that they make on their sales page, you are going to be bitterly disappointed and scammed.

So, is Coffee Shop Millionaire a SCAM?

It’s a borderline scam with cold-blooded marketing tactics.

It’s your choice at the end of the day, but if you’re looking for a genuine online training program that will give you a step by step guidance on how to make money online, then why not go through my Top Recommended Program.

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  1. Pentrental

    Not a terrible rating here for Coffee Shop Millionaire but that it’s a borderline scam with cold-blooded tactics. Maybe some people like that sort of thing but not me. I’m glad to hear at least that CSM goes through ClickBank so at least there is an intermediary concerning refunds. I never appreciate up-sells and they appear to be pretty extensive with this company. Your alternative in Wealthy Affiliate is outstanding and everyone who hasn’t heard of it should check out the link! 

    1. Nick


      Its indeed a big sigh of relief that Clickbank is an intermediary who handles the payments for CSM.

      So after paying $37 if you change your mind after being hit by a series of upsells, then at least you can get your money back.  

      Wealthy Affiliate is by far the smarter choice here as they offer only one price, guarantee no other upsells after you join, gives you a free trial and a step by step organized training that actually works!

      All the best


  2. Gomer

    How did you learn about Coffee Shop Millionaire? It’s more than 5 years now since the last time I encountered the site. I thought Coffee Shop Millionaire is already gone but then after reading this post of yours, I am amazed they’re still online and ripping people off. It’s good that you have come up with this review, this will warn others about that “borderline scam” program. 

    1. Nick

      Hi Gomer,

      The true fact is –  CSM is still here after all these years.

      I have known CSM for many years now and stumbled upon them recently. 

      That’s when I decided to review CSM as I thought its high time everyone should be aware of this program and how it actually works. 

      And yes, It’s indeed shocking to see such a program going on and on for so many years. 



  3. Ben L.

    Thank you for providing this very detailed review of Coffee Shop Millionaire! I had never heard of this program before, but it is clear that it will probably not be worth my time. It is always frustrating when programs offer giant rewards and then can’t back them up in the end. I will likely be avoiding this company moving forward. 

    A question came to my mind while reading this. You mentioned that CSM’s positive reviews came from a major GURU launch. I have never heard of this tactic before. Do you know if this a common practice? How can I know which programs have participated in something like this?

    Thank you, and keep up the good work! 

    1. Nick

      Hi Ben,

      I am glad that you were able to come to know about CSM through my review. 

      GURU launch is a common practice. You can come to know about this by thoroughly researching a program, going through independent third-party reviews and by applying some basic common sense to identify the usual luring tactics applied by such programs.

      Hope this answers your question.



  4. Carol5162

    I was getting exited with the $37/month offer but after reading the review further, I’ve just realized I cannot commit to the over $400.

    I do not get it why they entice you into the program only for you to realize you are not even a member, therefore the need to upgrade. I know there are other available programs that can get you the quality training you will need, with way less amounts.

    I’m glad I came across this thorough review. For those of us that are really into making money online, the deal with CSM seems too good to be true. This review has really laid out everything, and has really saved me money,

    Thanks so much for taking your time to compile this review.

    1. Nick

      Hi Carol,

      There are definitely real programs out there who impart quality training that works at a much lesser cost. 

      So why would someone bother joining the CSM program and that too at an unscrupulous price tag?

      It’s surely some food for thought for anyone who comes across CSM.

      Thanks for your comment


  5. Bryan

    This is my gripe in the online business world. You are hooked and reeled in and end up having to pay a fortune, as I did. I consider it school fees, as expensive as it was.  Keep this in mind, I must say that I have found some really good and valuable  platforms online.

    The one that has really caught my attention is the one that offers 2 free websites, free hosting and free training and it all works without any further costs. I speak from experience. You can even upgrade to to receive 50  sites (25 of your own domains and 25 subdomains), hosting and absolutely awesome training, both one on one and through the forum.

    Now that is putting your money where your mouth is. How many companies are out there that off you the opportunity to test their products first, for free, before committing any money. If platforms like coffee-shop-millionaire are so confident about their platform, why can they nor off er such a free trial service.

    I am just so tired of all the free websites that you then have to pay for hosting and get no or poor training and all those other money grabbing hooks out there. We need more people highlighting these  not-so-clear-business-opportunities.

    1. Nick

      Hi Bryan,

      You have brought forward a great point to be noticed.

      The absence of a free trial service in the CSM program is indeed something to be considered before taking a decision to join them. If they are 100% sure that the program will work then they should offer a free trial service.

      But at the end of the day, we know that it’s just about getting money out of your wallet before you get to know the real picture. 

      Thanks for your comment. 


  6. Adrian Holland

    I am really glad that you have produced a review on CSM, it was one of my first landing points as when I started out the adds for it were all over YouTube, I have to say that I was very dubious after about 30 minutes of the first training program and having already been pumped for a couple of up-sells. 

    I stuck around for around  a month but i have to say that i didn’t learn a lot beyond what I already knew (other than it was obviously going to take me much more than a few hours) and I could easily see the advertised £1995 having to leave my bank account before anything substantial would go the other way.

    1. Nick

      Hi Adrian,

      Thanks for sharing your experience of CSM with us.

      I am sure it will be of great help to anyone looking to join CSM or any other similar program and help them take the right decision. 

      I really appreciate it.



  7. Adyns68

    Hi Nick

    I think you did a great job with this blog post. It is really clear to read and full of information. I also like that you have presented a the sides of the product.  The coffee shop millionaire seems to have good training but the upsells are really annoying and useless too. It’s really sad, with a little bit of work and less greed, it could have been a helpful program.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nick


      Upsells are indeed annoying and mostly they are used to gain more money out of a subscriber’s pocket once they are lured to join by offering a relatively smaller joining cost. This is a quite common tactic used by such programs.

      There are other legit programs available out there who don’t use such tactics, but just charge a monthly payment. 

      Even if there are additional costs involved after joining, they make it clear upfront so that you know what you are getting into and what will be the exact amount you will be spending. This can help you take a well-informed decision which you won’t regret later.  


  8. Nuttanee

    Thank you for your review on Coffee Shop Millionaire. Names can trick you into believing a new concept, that is why people are fighting for the name and the copy rights. I have seen all the successful affiliate marketers, they do not work whenever, they have a set time and very active with their blogs. The work whenever you want is just a sales pitch. If you work whenever you want you will get the money whenever as well.

    The flexibility os working online is great. We can cut down all the transportation cost and traveling time by just working at the comfort of your place. This can be tricky, you can get easily distracted since no one is there to monitor but you.

    Enough said about easy money work less concept. If the CSM proven concept works how come the owner is sharing the secret by selling subscription? This tells me again that the owner actually works a lot of hours to get our money. I will only believe the concept if the owner does what they preach.

    Thanks for the warning, at least we can get our money back from click bank. 

    1. Nick

      Hi Nuttanee

      Thanks for sharing some beautiful insights about the concept of working online with my readers. 

      And yes those who have made a payment to CSM and are looking for a refund then it will be easier for them to get it from Clickbank. 



  9. Shubhangi


    Thanks for a detailed review of Coffee Shop Millionaire.  I don’t think it is a legal product, as it has many red flags, which you mentioned in your review.

    First of all, it’s unrealistic income claims of $21k in a few weeks, is something very unbelievable and a major sign of a scam program.

    though you mention that it has training related to affiliate marketing, upsells are quite expensive.  the one thing that I would like to know, whether they have provided any testimonials?

    Negative reviews on the Internet is another major red flag of the program.  I think you have provided a better option in the form of Wealthy Affiliate.  


    1. Nick

      Hi Shubhangi,

      There no testimonials found on the CSM website. 

      However, you will find many positive reviews of CSM on the internet. 

      But like I mentioned in my review, they are partners of CSM, who are actually a circle of gurus who have neither tried the product themselves nor are interested in helping people like yourselves.  They are just promoting each other’s products in order to make their money. 

      Hope this answers your question



  10. Queen

    Are you kidding me! So you mean after purchasing Coffe Shop Millionaire for $37, I would be asked to pay more to get more! Up to over $200 dollars again!

    This is just plain dubious! When I stumbled upon Coffe Shop, I was really convinced it was the real deal, I almost didn’t bother about reading reviews, but on the long run, I decided to, and I am so glad I did.

    it’s even annoying that after all that money, I still won’t get everything to successfully run my business in one place.

    Am really glad I stumbled upon your review, you’ve just saved me heartache.

    Will definitely check out your recommendation to see what it has to offer.


    1. Nick


      Thanks for stopping by.

      I am glad that you went through my review and got to know the reality before you joined them. 

      All the best


  11. Darren

    Hey Nick,

    I have been searching for a way to make money online, and I typically like to do my research. I hate signing up for something, and after giving out my email and personal information, I’m then told that I need to purchase these up-sells that wasn’t mentioned previously. Tactics like this, is what has led me to always do my research, even if I’m confident in whats advertised.

    I’m glad that I came across this review, as this is exactly the type of thing that I needed to know about Coffee Shop Millionaire. I won’t be investing my time and money into this platform, instead, I’ll find something better, that can actually give me the value I deserve.

    Thanks you for this review, and if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

    Best Wish’s

    1. Nick

      Hi Darren.

      Thanks, for your comment.

      I am glad that you are a sort of an individual who is not into impulsive buying and does his own research before straightaway jumping into joining a program. 

      That’s the best course of action one can take to save himself from disappointment later on.

      You will find lots of free stuff (articles, videos, etc.) on the internet, on ways to make money online, which they refer to as training. 

      But most of this stuff is not updated and will contradict each other. Plus it is quite confusing and overwhelming for a beginner as it’s in an unorganized fashion and you won’t know what order you should be following. 

      My top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate which is the answer to all such questions. They offer a step by step state of the art training, One Single Monthly Price (with no upsells guarantee), a great pay it forward community, and a free trial  

      Good luck


  12. Zihad

    Hi there!

    ok this seems good.But there is a doubt about to be legit of this Coffee Shop Millionaire. You already said that millionaire is just a word for them. most successful person even can not make so money.. I just got stucked that There isn’t any active community or real support available in CSM. This is so bad I think. It makes the boubt about the site. The pros you gmhave said are not enough to trust the site as legit. However, thanks for the review.

  13. Sherry

    Thank you for this review of coffee shop millionaire. I appreciate the unbiased opinions and honest feedback. You did well to list the pros and cons. I agree a model such as this could only benefit experienced online marketers. And I’m sure those would recognize it’s lower quality as compared to something like wealthy affiliate. 

    1. Nick

      Hi Sherry,

      Thanks for sharing your views on CSM with us. 

      You are absolutely right when you say that experienced online marketers will straightaway recognize the inferior quality of CSM compared to Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Even CSM might know this and I think that’s the main reason their program targets beginners, as it’s easy to lure them in. 



  14. Zihad

    I have been thinking that I will start a business online. I got a clear idea of reading your article. After reading your article I got to know about CSM. CSM offers 12 training modules that provide all the information I need to get started in internet marketing, along with additional videos, forums and the CSM community. Hope this will be very helpful for me.

    Thank You for the great post.

    1. Nick

      Hi Zihad,

      If you are planning to join CSM I would insist you take into consideration the total amount of money you will be spending incuding upsells ($400 plus dollars).

      Also you would have got to know by reading my review that you will have to use and spend for other resources too.

      And yes, plese don’t get smitten by the much hyped sales pitch in the introductory video and expect to earn at the milionaire level, otherwise you will be utterly dissappointed.

      All the best


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