How to Sell Designer Clothes Online & Start a Lucrative Home Based Business

How to Sell Designer Clothes Online & Start a Lucrative Home Based Business

Selling Designer Clothes Online

How to Sell Designer Clothes Online & Start a Lucrative Home Based Business – It’s indeed a business idea worth implementing.

Do you think so?

I hope you do and if you don’t, then by the end of this article you surely will, as in this article I am going to walk you through the entire process of starting your own home-based designer clothing seller business from scratch.

People view brands as symbols of status, quality, and class. A designer label means high quality and class. If you wear a designer label you will be viewed as someone who is modernistic and fashionable.

The online fashion clothing industry is highly successful and huge! With the increasing power of the internet here has never been a better time for you to leverage the opportunities presented by this growing industry to build a profitable business out of it.

You could easily start from home and gradually evolve your business into a strong brand and you don’t need thousands of dollars to start a designer clothes selling business.

There are three ways in which you can begin selling designer clothes online :

  • Selling Used Clothes
  • Sell Your Own Clothing Brand
  • Sell or Promote Established Clothing Brands

**This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase by clicking on these links, which I”ll totally blow on a cup of coffee, which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this, y’all!**

Selling Used Clothes

Selling Used Clothes Online

Clothing is something we all have and eventually, there comes a time to get rid of it and clean your closet. Instead of letting your clothing rot for ages before you are left with no choice but to discard it, wouldn’t it be a good idea to earn some cash for your once-loved outfits by selling them online?

With several online platforms and mobile apps available it has never been easier to do this.

Where exactly can you sell your used clothes online?

For this, I have provided a list of the best online places for selling used clothing.

1) eBay

Who doesn’t know about eBay? People have been selling a variety of stuff including used clothes on eBay for God

knows how long. You just have to follow the standard process – List your clothing item, give a detailed description about it, add a picture and finally add the price. You will have to ship the item to the buyer. You can even purchase old clothing and resell the same on eBay by adding a certain profit margin. Great way to make money, ain’t it?

2) Facebook 

Facebook Groups and Marketplace are great ways to sell used clothes. You can simply meet the buyer at a superstore parking or your local grocers to exchange your item. If you are looking for a used clothing resale business than running targeted Facebook ads will be a great idea for increased customer exposure.

3) Etsy ( )

It’s one of the biggest online platforms to open an online shop to sell used clothing. They charge $0.20 fee to list your item. A PayPal payment processing fee (currently 5%) and a small commission is charged when your item sells. The clothing you are selling needs to be either 20 years old (vintage) or handmade.

4) Tradesy ( )

Apart from your used clothing, you can sell handbags, shoes and even accessories for free on Tradesy as they don’t charge any listing fees.

You don’t have to leave your home for shipping as they send you a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping kit which is beautifully packaged when your item sells.

They charge a flat commission fee of $7.50 for items sold for less than $50 and a fixed commission rate of 19.8% on items sold for more than $50.

5) The RealReal ( )

They are an online consignment store for luxury brands. They can adjust the price of your item after 30 days if it’s not selling fast enough or else you can keep 70% of the price for which your item sells.

6) thredUP ( )

They are into women and kid’s clothing. One of their best features is the payout estimator through which you will be able to know an approximate price you will get for particular clothing.

You will need to send them your clothing and if it passes their requirements they will take an image and list it on their website.

They offer you two payout options: You can earn a bit more by selling your items on consignment or earn a marginally lower amount by choosing to get paid immediately when your items are accepted.

7) ASOS ( )

You can open your own boutique with ASOS Marketplace for a £20 per month rent.

They also charge a 20% commission when your item sells. It’s a great place to make money by selling brands and vintage clothing to millennials.

8) Depop ( )

Listing an item is free on Depop. They do charge a 10% fee when your item sells which includes shipping costs. They pay you in your PayPal account and it’s a must to have one.

9) Poshmark ( )

You can use the Poshmark app along with their website to sell your clothes. Poshmark charges 20% commission on clothes sold for more than $15 and for anything less than that they charge a flat fee of $2.95.

Like Tradesy, they send you a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label once your item sells simplifying the shipping process.

10) Yoogi’s Closet ( )

You can receive a quote for your clothing items by answering some simple questions after which you can ship them using their prepaid posting label.

They send you a final offer and after reviewing it you can decide to either sell your items to Yoogi’s or consign them.

They offer payments through Yoogi’s gift certificate, cheque, and PayPal. They don’t charge any payment processing fees for payments into your PayPal account.

11) Shopify ( )

They give you a free 14-day trial after which you have to choose from a range of plans starting from $29 a month. You can sell used as well as new clothing on Shopify.

12) Couture USA ( )

You can sell your clothes by requesting a quote and then you have to ship your items directly to their stores. Get paid immediately by selling to them directly or if you want to earn a bit more choose to sell on consignment.

13) Mercari ( )

You can list your clothing for free and they charge a flat fee of 10% when your clothing sells. List your item, add images, set your price and ship your item using their prepaid shipping label.

Simple as that!

14) Material World ( )

You can trade in your unwanted clothes at Material World and for which you get paid upfront. Clothing must be original with a visible brand label without any damages. They accept certain brands in specific categories only.

Sell Your Own Clothing Brand

Sell Your Own Clothing Brand Online

If you have a creative flair, you can design clothes under your very own brand. You will have to buy the fabric and accessories, create your own designs and get your apparels manufactured by a custom tailor manufacturer. Although it will be challenging in the beginning, the rewards and recognition you gain will be worth it.

It’s highly profitable as the transaction takes place between the manufacturer and customer and there is no middle entity involved. Even after giving a hefty discount to your customers you as a manufacturer will earn more profit.

Can’t Design? Nothing to worry about.

You can choose to get designer clothes of top brands from various online stores, which you can then sell online for a profit. I have listed the best online stores below, where you will be able to get cheap designer apparels which will, in turn, maximize your profits.


They are a part of the YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group. They sell popular brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Ganni, Valentino and Michael Kors and more for up to 85% off.


Originally from France, they now operate in 8 European countries. You can get up to 70% off on your favorite brands buying through flash sales at certain fixed times.


You get designer clothing from top designers at 80% discount and a further 20% discount for every $100 worth of purchase with


Best place to buy brand name shoes, clothing and apparels, handbags, accessories, and housewares operates only in the US and you get up to 70% off designer clothing and a further 15% off if you sign up to their newsletter.

It’s worth noting that don’t operate internationally, they operate only in the US.


With you get 50% off on designer labels up for clearance and they also offer a 10% student discount.


Groupon is the most popular and trustworthy platform operating in 15 countries around the world.

They redefine how your home-based business can attract and retain customers by providing you with personalized and scalable marketing tools and services to profitably grow their businesses. You must try them for this excellent feature they provide.

Also with them, you get up to 70% off or even more and you will get $25 for each friend that you refer to them.


They are UK’s best flash sales website and host top brands in fashion( Men, Women, Kids), Beauty, Home, Sportswear and Leisure & Travel.

Just by becoming their member you get a massive up to 80% discount on top brands. They remind you of their upcoming sales through email newsletters.


This website is for you if you love the Neiman Marcus Designer brand.

You can get up to 35% on clearance, $10 when you refer a friend and a $10 coupon when you sign up for their emails.


You can get designer clothing for Men, Women, and Children for a massive 90% off with them.


They are a member only shopping website offering flash sales and you can get 50% to 75% off on Fashion, Beauty, Kid’s toys and Home Decor.


They work on flash sales concept. You can get designer apparels, footwear, and accessories at prices up to 80% off retail value.

The next step is to effectively sell designer clothing. There are several online platforms where you can do this.

However, it’s a must to have a dedicated website for your designer clothing business. It’s the most important aspect of running any type of online or offline business in present times. All companies, organizations and small or large businesses have a website in this day and age.

How to sell designer clothes online,how to sell used clothes online & how to sell top designer clothing brands

A website is the face of your business and is instrumental in helping you build trust with your target audience and give professional value to your brand.

Selling your designer labels online through a website saves time and processing costs and you don’t have to spend any extras for marketing as this will be managed by your marketplace website.

If your products are high quality and your customers give good reviews on your website then in no time you will establish a unique, high-value clothing brand.

If you are worried about building websites or hiring someone to do so, then let me assure you that you don’t have to do any of this.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform, where you can build your own brand website in less than a minute and market your brand to your target audiences at zero or negligible cost.

Along with website building, web hosting and domain registration they also provide state of the art training on how to market and sell your products online and serve as a one-stop solution for all your online business needs.

You can even integrate social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram within your website. This will increase your customer exposure resulting in more people visiting your website meaning more sales.

If you are looking to build a website to market or sell any of your products including designer clothing, I would suggest you try out Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join for free in which you will get 2 Free Websites, 10 Free Lessons that include Step by step guidance and the best training on monetizing your website by building a brand.

Sell or Promote Established Clothing Brands

Promote Established Clothing Brands

If you are passionate but not into designing clothes or selling your own clothing brand is too much of a hassle for you, then promoting established brands will be a feasible option for you. It’s a great way to generate a full-time income from your home based designer clothing business.

Promoting established brands has it’s own advantages:-

  • You don’t need to buy stock or design the clothing,
  • You don’t need to manage any inventory
  • You don’t need to do the shipping or returns
  • You don’t need to deal with customer complaints and issues, and above all
  • You don’t need a minimum capital to start with

Curious? I am sure you will be!

The answer is – AFFILIATE MARKETING, through which you will promote popular clothing brands. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link to purchase a clothing item from a brand website it will earn you a commission.

Through affiliate marketing, you can promote as many brands as you can. For this, you have to join the affiliate programs offered by these brands. You will be given a unique affiliate link and an ID through which the sales coming from you will be identified to pay you the commissions.

Cool, isn’t it?

The way in which consumers shop has changed tremendously over the past few years. I am sure you have noticed that more and more number of people are preferring to buy online rather than personally visiting the stores or shopping malls.

You can even ask yourselves that when did you last buy a product online. I am sure it wouldn’t have been too long. You don’t have to stand in long queues and the products are delivered at your doorsteps. Saves lots of your valuable time, money, energy and fuel!

While this article is being written, there are around 3.45 Billion internet users around the world and out of that a big chunk are regular online shoppers while others are gradually adopting this convenient way of online shopping. And this figure is just about to keep on growing!

So is it not a tempting idea to capture your own little share of this ever-growing market to create a successful business through affiliate marketing?

The opportunities and earning potential offered in affiliate marketing are huge!

Not just clothing, you can promote almost any product that you can possibly imagine, as 9 out of 10 products have affiliate programs, which you can join.

Let’s say you are into health and well being than you can promote health supplements, weight loss, and weight gain products. If you are into yoga you can promote yoga courses, yoga mats, and yoga clothing or any other stuff related to yoga.

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If you are looking to start an affiliate marketing business, I insist you take the step by step training provided by Wealthy Affiliate, which will catapult your chances of success by heading you in the right direction.

Thousands of people worldwide are making a big deal of money by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate and by promoting millions of products including their own products.

Start Your Online Business with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free Starter Account and you can get started training on this amazing platform. It’s a task-oriented training that you can take at your own pace.

For further information, I recommend you go through my detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review.

My Final Thoughts

Selling designer clothes online is definitely something you should try as you can create a sustainable, long-lasting home-based business out of it.

How To Sell Designer Clothes Online & Start A Lucrative Home Based Business

The potential is huge and even if you manage to get a tiny market share it can make you a full-time consistent income from your very own house premises. If you are thinking to start a home-based business I recommend you go through A Beginner’s Guide To Home Based Business for everything you need to know before starting.

I have given all the information you need to start your very own high paying home based business of selling designer clothes online. I have even provided you with names of websites and online platforms which you will need to start your business.

This has already saved you lots of time which you would have otherwise spent researching and have given you a clear direction to take your first step.

Now it’s your turn to TAKE ACTION. Remember –


So I urge you to take action. It’s not at all difficult for you if you want it and want it badly. In today’s information age, you have access to all the help and tools online.

If you put in the required time, hard work and efforts initially you will establish your very own successful clothing brand much sooner much you think.

The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action

The distance between our dreams and reality is called action

All The Best!

If you do have any comments or questions type them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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  1. Koda

    What an awesome post! My girlfriend has been talking about doing something like this for quite some time now. She probably has 400 pieces of clothes in her closes (like nice designer stuff) that she’s been meaning to get rid of. She’s already donated all the non designed clothes to good will, but she figured she might try to do something entrepreneurial with the more expensive clothes. 

    I never would have thought there were so many different angles she could take. Obviously I told her to consider ebay and facebook, but there are so many other resources you’ve listed here! I’ll be share to send her a link to this article so that she might better develop an idea of how to approach going about this x) Thanks so much for the awesome post> I will be sure to forward this! 

    1. Hi Koda,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I am glad that you found various different places on which your girlfriend can sell designer clothes through my article. My main intention of compiling a list of such places was to help out everyone like you who are looking to sell used or new designer clothes and earn an income out of it.

      I am always there for you if you need a helping hand with anything.

      All The Best.


  2. phranell86

    In my opinion, it is easier to sell branded products that unbranded ones, because people are emotionally attached to their favorite designer products. I’ve got quite a number of branded clothing that I would love to sell rather than just discard them.

    I have always wanted to go into the business of selling used clothing but don’t know how this would work out. Thanks for drawing my attention to online sites like Etsy, ebay, tradesy, poshmark and others. Before now, I am only familiar with etsy, shopify and ebay, now I have other options.

    Thanks for also showing me where to get top brand clothing at cheaper prices. This information you just shared is worth its price in gold. Some other people would have bundled this information into an ebook and easily sell it for $50 or more. I have one question though: “Does email marketing work as effectively for the designer clothing business as it does for other digital products?

    1. Hi Phranell,

      You are absolutely right when you say its easier to sell branded products than unbranded ones as people associate themselves and their status with brands.

      So if you have branded clothing which you don’t need anymore then it will be a wise to sell them and make some money out of it which you can spend on something else.

      And yes, email marketing can do wonders even in selling designer clothes online if done in the correct way.

      You can keep the people who have subscribed to your email list updated about your latest collection, designs and discount offers through email marketing and mind well people are very much interested and curious in knowing about the latest clothing trends. This surely helps you to generate a consistent revenue in your business.

  3. Anita

    This is a great resource of where to buy and sell designer clothing online. My daughter had tried this at Poshmark but she didn’t know there are so many places you can sell online. I am going to bookmark this site for her to check out and hopefully help her with more options. Also, you don’t even have to go out and ship anything, the post office can pick it up right at your door. This makes the whole process easier.

    1. Hi Anita,

      There are indeed various online platforms your daughter can choose from to sell her designer clothes online. And almost all of them provide a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping kit so that you don’t have to worry about shipping.

      You daughter will just have to choose the one that suits her depending on certain factors applicable to her.

      You can send me a message if you need any help and I will be glad to help you out.

  4. Chrissie Spurgeon

    This is a really comprehensive article which steers anyone who is interested in selling designer clothes online in the right direction.

    I do already sell a few clothes on Ebay, but you have mentioned so many outlets that I have never heard of before, and which sound very much worth trying.

    I was wondering which is your favourite way to sell clothes online?

    Thank you so much for a really informative post

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hi Chrissie,

      Glad to know that you are into selling clothes on Ebay and I am sure that now you have many other places to try out.

      My favorite is designing clothes under my own brand and selling them online on several platforms mentioned in my article. Its real hard work but at the end its worth it.

  5. Carmen & Ben

    What a great idea you have in this blog! 

    I have tons of designer clothes and I basically end up giving them away when I get tired of them, when thanks to your post I realized that I could be making some cash to fund my travel…

    I appreciate that you have a comprehensive list of sites where I can do this other than ebay, because that’s the only one I knew until reading your post.

    1. Hi Carmen & Ben,

      Indeed you can sell your unwanted designer clothes online to generate cash out of it rather than discarding them. Its a great way to earn extra money and spend it on something else, like traveling in your case.

      Now you know it I am sure you will be doing this regularly.

      All the Best.


  6. Cathy Cavarzan

    Wonderful article. I did this a few years back on ebay when I was getting rid of clutter and downsizing our home.I was so surprised at just how easy it was to do. I also did some clothes selling on LetGo it is an app similar to ThredUp and Mercari.

    I must admit being in affiliate marketing myself…clothes I never thought of! Wonderful idea.

    1. Well said Cathy,

      With various online platforms available now its really easy to sell clothes online. Also thanks for letting the readers of this article know about the LetGo app.

      And if you are already into affiliate marketing you should surely try your hands on selling clothes online as its a great way of earning a potential income from the comfort of your own home.

  7. Mariah

    Thanks for this great article. I really like that you have provided a list of all the different options when it comes to selling clothing online. Clothes are certainly an excellent market to get into because everyone needs clothing! I didn’t know there were so many ways to purchase clothes and then sell them at a profit.

    In regard to Wealthy Affiliate, I myself am a member. I signed up about 6 months ago and I have built a couple of different websites after following all the training they offer. I just wanted to add my endorsement of their platform to your article. Anyone who is on the fence about joining, just do it. You won’t regret it.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mariah.

      I have painstakingly compiled a list of the places where you can purchase designer clothes at highly discounted prices which you can then sell for a profit as its a lucrative business with great earning potential.

      And I want my readers to have all the information regarding such places so that they it saves their time in finding them.

      And indeed Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to promote not only clothes but a millions of different of products and services.

      All the best to all those who are ready to take action and create a successful home based entrepreneurial venture of selling designer clothes online.

  8. Barbara

    What a great and original idea and I must admit after reading your post you got me really thinking. I never thought about it the way you put it down and I had no clue there were so many places where you could actually sell your clothes online. I mean I heard of Ebay of course but all the others were all totally new to me. Thank you for the great sharing

    1. You are welcome Barbara and thanks for your comment.

      There are many people out there who are not aware about the fact that there are numerous platforms available to them to sell clothes online.

      Many people who till now were discarding their unwanted designer clothes have started selling them on such platforms regularly as they now know how easy it is do this and it can generate a good amount of cash for them.

      And I am sure that as you now know about these platforms even you will be doing the same with your unwanted clothes.

  9. Rony

    Hi Nick

    Thank you for writing a perfect informative review about “Online Designer Clothes Sell”.After reading your artical i have learned the besic rules for online cloth sell.After reading your artical,I have learn all of those step by step guidelines for selling online clothes.I believe those tips will be very useful to all the beginners who are not confident enough to start a lucrativehome based bisiness by online clothes sell. And definitely  I’m going to share this artical with my some close friends.

    1. Hi Rony,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      The main idea of this article is to equip every beginner looking to start a lucrative home based business with all the necessary knowledge, tools and platforms which they can leverage to ensure a smooth start that will eventually create a successful, long lasting business.

      Also the exhaustive list mentioned in my article will surely be helpful to those who are currently into selling designer clothes online.

      All the best


  10. Irin Khan

    Hi Nick

    Excellent idea! Thank you for sharing this useful post. The important role of social media for Home Business is that you have understood very well. I agree with you because on Facebook, eBay, Etsy e.c.t. are famous online stores. Where we can connect with many people, continue to sell online for a profit. The points are solution to excuse you mentioned are very helpful to me. I will share it with my friends.

    1. Hi Irin,

      Thanks for visiting my website and reading my article – How to Sell Designer Clothes Online & Start a Lucrative Home Based Business.

      Its a must to leverage social media platforms to promote designer clothing. You can integrate social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with your online store or website and can get more and more customers notice your designer clothing offers, prices and promotions which in turn will increase your business revenue.

      Wishing you a great luck ahead.


  11. Wealthfather

    This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points. I am familiar with ebay and facebook but i am just getting to know about other website outlined in the article. Thanks for the eye opener because I learnt alot from the writeup. kudos

    1. Hi,

      Glad to know that you learnt about other online platforms apart from from Ebay and Facebook where you can sell your clothes from my article.

      I am sure you will start using these platforms to sell your clothes when you get the chance.

      Good luck and all the best

  12. Ty

    Selling clothes online has become so easy to do. There are tons of apps and some even meant for a specific style of clothes. There are apps out there for hypebeasts, and even people who like to dress fancy. The easiest way to sell online is honestly to find gems at thrift stores and resell them on depop or some other popular app.

    1. Very true Ty.

      Finding gems at thrift stores and reselling them at online stores like Depop is good way to earn money. In fact there are many people earning a good living out of it.

  13. Chris

    I really like the idea of being able to promote established brands online and get paid for it, but I’m not exactly clued up on the whole blogging subject etc. 

    You seem to mention a platform here that could help teach me about marketing these brands through blogging, but I am wondering how hard this sort of education is? Is it newbie friendly?

    1. Hi Chris,

      The platform I mentioned is Wealthy Affiliate which will teach you affiliate marketing which involves blogging.

      The training and education they provide is simple to understand, user friendly and you don’t need any technical expertise or previous experience for this.

      It comprises of weekly live classes, webinars and task oriented training modules which are laid down step by step keeping complete newbies and beginners in mind.

      Its an Earn While You Learn thing which you will definitely enjoy and can help you create a successful home based clothing business.

      Hope this helps.


  14. Kenechi

    Thanks so much this information. It will be super useful to me. My niche is about clothings and wears but I was finding it difficult on how to start and e-commerce site I can affiliate with. Here in your blog you have done so much justice to that and It will be beneficial to me. My sister also designs cloths and I will help her sell the clothes in those e-commerce websites. I will still have to even visit your website again for more informations on this. Hope I will always find this article in your website anytime. 

    1. Hi Kenechi,

      I am glad to know that your niche is about clothing as its quite lucrative.

      And as your sister designs clothes it will be great to start selling her designer clothing online as this business has a high earning potential and can give her a sense of creative fulfillment & achievement and a brand recognition for her designer wear.

      Also you are welcome to visit my website every time you are looking for such helpful information. You can even send me a message if you need a helping hand with anything.

      Good luck


        1. Sure Kenechi.

          I am always available and just a message away from you. It will be great pleasure for me to help you start your online clothing business.

          Good luck and God Bless

  15. Sammynathaniels

    Hi Nick,

    You did a good job listing the various websites and platforms that one can sell used clothes and other items. To be frank, this information is very vital to me as I’ve always wanted someone who could point me to a place where I can sell off some old items. 

    I have a Shopify account, but I’ve not started using it. Maybe, I’ll try placing few items over there to see the profit I can make. 

    Thanks for this information… 



    1. Hi Sammy,

      Its great that you already have a shopify account. Once you start selling your clothing on Shopify in return for cash you will be amazed to find how easy and convenient it is. Later on you can also start using other platforms as well.

      All the best


  16. Gracen

    Hey Nick! Thanks for sharing this kind of online business opportunity with us. Of the three ways one can use to see designer clothes, selling one’s own clothing brand sounds great, however, some of us might not be creative enough as to meet up with fashion trends. If I would venture into the business, I will love to do affiliate marketing, that is the last option, where I will promote and sell other people’s established clothing brands. That way, I will get familiarized with the fashion industry and stand better chance of getting my own clothing brand.

    A nice article I must say, to your success.

    1. Hi Gracen,

      You have figured it out really well.

      Promoting established brands through affiliate marketing will teach you a lot about these brands, how they work, their offers, promotions, designs and such important insights which you can then utilize in launching your designer brand clothing.

      Its an excellent idea and you should definitely give it a go.

      Good luck


  17. Seun Afotanju

    Thanks for this informative post, I’m a lover of designers clothes, I enjoy wearing them almost all the time due to the nature of my job and I have most of them just lying there without me wearing them and I think you have given me the right idea to earn extra cash by selling them, I’ve heard of eBay and I think I’m going to start from there, Thanks for this informative post.

    1. Hi Seun,

      Ebay is of course a great platform to start selling your unwanted clothes make some extra cash. There are lots of people selling their clothes regularly on Ebay for a long time now in return for cash. Even you can do the same and you will be happy to find how easy it is once you start.

      Good luck

  18. Tony

    Hello Nick:

    Congratulations. You have really done your homework and put together a great insight into starting a home business. Although I have primarily worked from home for the last 30 years or so I have never really had my own home based business. I am in sales and prefer to work from my home office but am nearing retirement and wish to have an online business to keep me busy in my latter years. 

    You have given me some ideas that I have never thought of before and will certainly bookmark your site and refer to it over time. 

    I believe that anyone looking to work from home would do well to visit your site and take note of the ideas you have presented here.

    Good work.


    1. Hi Tony,

      Nice to hear from you.

      My website is dedicated to help anyone looking to start a successful home based business and this includes people like you who are nearing their retirement and I am glad that you have got some ideas from my website.

      I will be posting more such articles to help out everyone looking to venture into home based businesses.



  19. cpanharun

    Hi Nick

    Thanks for writing this awesome educational and informational article. I was impressed by reading this article. I could not find details about How to Sell Designer Clothes On line & Start a Lucrative Home Based Business. I have been thinking of doing something for a long time, especially how to start an on line business. The clothing industry is well-known, fast-moving and competitive business worldwide. New entrepreneurs can start this profitable business as a profession. All of us need clothes, especially the stylish designs we all want to buy. My older brother is a cloth merchant, now the on line clothing business is becoming very popular, after completing the article, I shared it with him and he was very happy so we are going to start this business very quickly. Thank you for your great article and ideas. I’ve bookmarked this article and I’ll definitely share it with my friends.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for your comment and it really feels great that you gained some important insights from my article.

      Your elder brother is a clothing merchant so just with a bit of a creative flair it won’t be hard for you to go ahead and think about design clothing under your very own brand. It will take a bit of a hard work initially but will be worth it when you start seeing the rewards which are truly worth it.

      Wishing you a great success ahead.

      All the best


  20. Babsie Wagner

    I’m so excited I found your site, and I just wanted to let you know.  One of my best friends has had a “problem” with over-buying clothes for many years.  She literally has a closet full of beautiful clothes, and many of them still have their tags on them.  She has come to the realization that she no longer has room to house these clothes, and she has finally taken the painful step of getting rid of many of them.  I’m so proud of her, and I think selling them would really be wonderful because they could use the money at this point in their lives.  This article will give her a lot of options, and I’m so grateful I found this.  Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Babsie,

      Its great to hear from you.

      You have quoted a very good example about your friend.

      There are many people out there who can’t control their excessive buying behavior and land up with heap of clothes with no room to store them.

      Selling designer clothing is an ideal way in this situation to clear the closet and recoup the money invested which can be spent on other better things.

      I am gad that my article will give her lots of options to choose from where she can sell her clothing and earn money out of it.

  21. Robert Trevor

    With the vast number of internet shoppers,selling clothing on line, seems like a good business.

    My wife has been making clothing for the family for years,so this would be the logical next step,making and selling our own clothing brand.

    Depop, seems like a good outlet for our proposed garments, and 10% seems a reasonable price,for their services.

    We have a lot of used clothing,and shoes,I think Material world, is the way for us to go,and getting paid up front is great.

    We are already connected in the affiliate marketing business,as I have a site on Wealthy Affiliate,which I am building.

    As we are pensioners, we rally need an additional income,this looks like the answer to the problem.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Its great to know that your wife is already making clothing for your family. Hobbies and passion like this mature into successful businesses down the road.

      You have found your ideal choice in Depop and you are already into affiliate marketing business with Wealthy Affiliate.

      From this I can see that you are already half way into your business journey and now the only course of action that remains to be taken is to take the plunge and – START.

      I wish you lots of success with your entrepreneurial startup in the clothing industry.

      And do remember, in case you need any help I am just a message away from you.

      All the best


  22. John Deese

    Selling online period can be a dounting task. This article truly makes the process easy and clear on some steps to take that can make selling clothes online rather easy. My concern it with the ever increasing number of Individuals inreasing sales online, especially with the list of platforms indicated here, many sellers is realizing that they must stand out from the norm of all other sellers. Having uniques designers and used clothing is a plus. Having your own unique and customized platforms will take your selling business to another whole level of branding yourself in the clothing industry.

    If your looking to move into selling your own brand of clothes, you will want to brand your name in a customized and unique platform (Website). This will show your visitors you take your business serious and willing to invest in your business.

    1. Hi John

      Well said.

      Its really important to be unique and different for your own designer clothing as it should stand out from the normal lot.

      And having your own website is an absolute must to show your customers how seriously you take your business, especially when building your own business website takes less than a minute with amazing platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

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