Gaming Jobs Online Review. Is Gaming Jobs Online Legit?

Gaming Jobs Online Review. Is Gaming Jobs Online Legit?

Get paid to play games with Gaming Jobs Online

Welcome to my Gaming Jobs Online Review.

Is Gaming Jobs Online Legit? Is it really possible to make money playing video games from your home? Countless gamers out there will love the idea of sitting in the comfort of their home and earn loads of money playing video games online all day long.

But wait…

If this is true why isn’t everyone doing this?

Today, I will help you out by answering all these questions in my thorough review of gaming jobs online.

But first the brief review for those of you who are short of time.


Gaming Jobs Online Review in Brief :

Name: Gaming Jobs Online

Website: (Visit Site)

Owner: Glen Anderson (He is the Proprietor as shown on their website and can be a fake name)

Cost : $1 for 7 Days & $27 a month thereafter

Rating : 2/5

And Now The Full Review…

What is Gaming Jobs Online?

Is Gaming Jobs Online Legit ?
Gaming Jobs Online. Click to watch the full video

Gaming Jobs Online is a website which claims that you can make $$$’s of dollars by playing video games from home at your leisure.

The main home page of their website presents you with enticing information accompanied by a video that explains to you how easy it is to make tonnes of money playing online games.

Not long ago, this used to be their main home page:

Gaming Jobs Online old home page claiming you can easily make $49,063 a year playing games

Who on earth wouldn’t like to earn $49,063 a year sitting online at home playing video games? That’s a huge amount and quite specific too, don’t you think?

I believe even they realized the same and have therefore replaced their old home page with the new one, without exaggerating any high income figures.

To make it sound more trustworthy, they offer a 7-Day Trial to their Premium Membership for $1 and thereafter it’s $27 a month if you want to continue.

Their pricing has remained pretty much the same with exception to a few months in the past when they offered premium membership for $5 with no 7-Day Trial for $1.

Also, they promise that you can cancel your premium membership with them anytime as there is no binding contract and they even offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked.

7-Day Trial and 60-Day Money Back Guarantee with Gaming Jobs Online

All these promises are perfect decoys to lure you into their premium membership. In reality gaming jobs online does not actually help you find jobs playing video games at all. You will be wasting your time, money and energy which you could have well spent somewhere else.

The chances of a regular gamer joining and earning $49,063 from home sitting and playing video games are NIL .

Read on to know why gaming jobs online is not the ideal platform for you to join to make money playing video games. 

Claims Made by Gaming Jobs Online

Can you make money online playing games? Is Gaming jobs online legit? Read my gaming jobs online review.


Now Wait…

Where the hell did surveys creep in? Isn’t this thing about making money by playing video games?

This is what I found as a red flag as to why they are mentioning other things and driving us away from the core idea of gaming jobs, video games testing in particular. Most examples are related to survey sites which is something different altogether.

Most of us know that people do make money by taking up paid surveys but it’s peanuts or pocket money you can make and not thousands of dollars.

However, here they make a completely unrealistic claim that you can make $5 to $75 for each survey. Most of the time what you get for a survey is less than $1 and then there are large gaps between surveys.

Focus Groups

The second thing they claim about is that you can make $150 by participating in focus groups. Now, this is something not that uncommon but they make it sound like a piece of cake which isn’t true.

To start with it’s very difficult to be a part of a focus group and it involves a huge amount of work.

Also, there are several underlined terms and conditions for participating in a focus group which makes it almost impossible for you to even make half of this amount.

Proprietary Partnerships

On the main home page of their website, gaming jobs online also claim that they have proprietary partnerships with high paying companies like Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment, Bioware and Nexon. They have given a wide list of logos of various such companies.

You can bet your bottom dollar that these big corporations doesn’t even know about Gaming Jobs Online. Can you really believe that such big names would to associate themselves with such a misleading website?

Actually what gaming jobs online is doing is that they are linking their members to public job listings of many of these companies.

Now, this is completely different from what they claim of being proprietary partners with these companies.


Another problem is the reviews or the testimonials shown on their website. These reviews claim that how easy and enjoyable it is to choose and play games of your choice and earn tonnes of money. However, the actual truth is entirely different. 

Reviews of folks who have tried Gaming Jobs Online


The real job of a video game tester is very low paying and tedious with strict deadlines. It involves finding issues with games that are full of bugs and not fully developed.

A very small part of the game is given to you which you have to play again and again for weeks or even months. It’s through this process that you will be able to identify the real issues.

Now, this isn’t something like playing games for enjoyment. Also, game testers haven’t got much of a choice as to what games they will be testing. They might get to test games they like or even the ones designed for kids.

However gaming jobs online claim that you get to choose your own games, you are in complete control and that you have no unrealistic deadlines. Can you actually believe that any company that employs you for testing video games would let you work that way?

Clearly, this makes me wonder whether reviewers for gaming jobs online are real game testers or even gamers at all.

They don’t even have “About Us” or “Privacy Policy” page on their website which I feel is an additional red flag you should be taking notice of.

However, one good thing if you want to get your feet wet is that you can try out their site for $1 for 7 days. It’s a week’s time in which you can find out whether the premium membership offered by them for $27 is worth or not.

But be careful as after one week you will be billed automatically for $27 if you forget to cancel.

Member’s Area

The member’s area is actually a collection of various things you can sign up for which are real ideas and this not a scam. It’s just that it’s not what their claims implied.

For instance, there are paid to play programs which are legitimate but are expired a long time back and even when they were alive didn’t pay a large amount.

Then there are links to research studies and further links to focus groups in which only eligible people can earn and that too by attending these events in person.

There is a slew of similar links including survey sites and focus groups and even a premium survey jobs list with some irrelevant job openings that has got nothing to do with gaming. But beware some of the links are not even functional.

All of these are advertised opportunities, most of which aren’t related to game testing and will make you little of money here and there.

There are certain sections which show a list of companies with different types of job adverts. These are just regular job openings irrelevant to gaming and requires specific experience in a particular industry.

Most of these jobs are no longer available and the links have expired. You can hunt for such jobs on your own and there’s no need for you to go through gaming jobs online for this.

One thing that comes as a silver lining in the cloud is that there is a section about making money with a video game website which has accurate and detailed videos specifically produced for

This comes as something unbelievable considering that the rest of the website is not of much use.

However, these videos are the same and repetitive and do not change. And why would anyone pay a monthly fee of $27 to watch the same videos again and again?

Refund and Contact Info

Contact Information for Membership Cancellation and Refunds with Gaming Jobs Online

Even after lots of searching, I was not able to find anything. There is no phone number to call and the main homepage shows someone named Glen Anderson as the proprietor and there’s no guarantee if this dude even really exists and this might be a made up name.

Clickbank is responsible for handling all the payment processing for gaming jobs online and you have to contact them for refunds.

You can send your refund and subscription cancellation requests on the emails shown in the image below.

Do Video Game Testers Exist?

The Real Question is Do Video Game Testers Exist

Of course, they do. But game tester jobs are not just forked out to any random person sitting free at home with a computer and some spare time.

These are ON SITE jobs located in the respective company or organization premises and you will have to apply for them like any other traditional job. You will also be required to have certain qualifications.

Such jobs usually fall under the title of Quality Assurance (QA) even though they are less technical compared to general software QA. Most game testers hold no technical expertise and have a high school diploma.

They are usually hired under temporary positions and are required to work full-time with regular overtime working hours. They might early be sent to work at a developer’s site.

Early Autumn/late summer is the recruitment season for game testers as the games have to be finished and shipped for the holiday season.

How Much Do Video Game Testers Make?

Considering the demanding nature and the hard work involved game testing jobs don’t pay a great deal and are usually hourly paid jobs. In the US game testers are usually paid $8 to $15 per hour.

When hired as temps game testers don’t receive any employee benefits like paid holidays. Such jobs are just used to set a firm foot in the gaming industry, the success of which is highly unlikely and depends on the part of the game industry the tester wants to work in.

Can You Make Money Online From Your Home?

Interesting question isn’t it?

Here I mean earning a full-time online income from the comfort of your home.

The mere sound of it is enticing!

Despite lots of scams promising you to make easy money online, there are actually legit ways available to you for earning a full-time home based income.

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We are in the age of information technology revolution. You just need to have something to offer to an international audience like a business idea or product knowledge and you have already taken your first step to create a full-time online income while working from your couch.

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How To Make Money From Gaming Online?

It’s really easy. You just have to take a slightly different approach.

The best way to do this is to have your own website in which you will be reviewing and promoting games and sharing your opinion, tips, and tricks and you can earn money by advertising and affiliate marketing.

You can do this by writing online content like blogs, articles, and posts and by uploading youtube videos. So you can make money by writing about video games and selling video games too.

It involves hard work and efforts and doesn’t promise you quick money but is certainly a legit way that has got the potential to generate a full-time income for you.

Owning your own website is highly profitable. As online gaming is widely popular it’s a great idea to create your own website around gaming and start earning from it, if gaming is your hobby or passion.

You don’t have to be an avid gamer, possess any technical knowledge or have any educational qualifications to start earning from your website. Just a basic interest and knowledge of video games is all that you need.

And why only games? You can promote millions of products to a worldwide audience from the comfort of your home and start your own affiliate marketing business.

And yes, you don’t have to worry about building websites or that you know nothing about affiliate marketing.

Building a website is easy and fun and you can build your own website in less than a minute and you don’t need to know coding to do this.

I have personally achieved success through affiliate marketing. If you are interested in doing the same and would like to turn your interest in gaming into a full-time online business then I recommend you go through proper training from an amazing platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

Start Your Online Business with Wealthy Affiliate

You will have access to everything you need to start a successful online business – from state-of-the-art tools to resources and the training on website building and affiliate marketing – all integrated into one place at Wealthy Affiliate.

Go through my Wealthy Affiliate Review for further information.

My Final Opinion

Gaming jobs online is a misleading website. It doesn’t live up to what it claims. They make bold claims and blow them out of proportion against what they actually offer.

Most part of the website is outdated with links to programs that have closed down long ago and links to positions that are not even available.

The links that work take you to online programs that pay much less for your time and to the positions that you can easily find on your own and there is no need for you to go through gaming jobs online.

If you do get a job through gaming jobs online website it wouldn’t be that amazing opportunity that their claims promise.

There are video games testing jobs out there but they are hard work and definitely not fun as gaming jobs online makes them sound.

There are several products similar to this one that just lasts for a few months and then disappears. Their main intention is to make maximum money for themselves and then move on to create another online money making idea with a different product and the cycle goes on and on.

On the flip side, you also have legit platforms like Wealthy Affiliate who have been around more than a decade and have helped numerous people around the world create successful long-lasting online businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches beginners how to start making money online through affiliate marketing

They have been around since 2005 and teach beginners how to start making money online through affiliate marketing. You can create your free account and start your first ever website in just a couple of minutes.

I would like to hear from you.

So please leave your questions and comments in the comments section below. You will get a reply from me sooner than you think!

Sharing is caring they say. So do share atleast 1 image of this post as a pin on Pinterest and on your favorite social media platform so that more & more people can benefit from this post in making an informed decision.








  1. Extrovert1

    Hey Nick,

    This is a great review on Gaming Jobs Online. I had heard about it before as a gamer. Even I was thinking of buying it’s premium membership as one of friends suggested me and I also believed there bluff. But after reading your article I know that it’s not a legit way to earn through gaming. It will be full waste of my time , money and energy. So I think I will rather choose other options.

    Thank you for writing this helpful article.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks a lot and I am glad that my article helped you to take the right decision.

      If you are looking for other options and are interested in starting your own online business that you can operate from your home or anywhere I suggest you try ut Wealthy Affiliate. I am sure you will be overwhelmed with what they have got to offer.

      All the best


  2. Marlinda Davis

    Wow! I would have believed this was a legit opportunity if I only looked at the title. Thanks for writing this detailed review and showing us how the creators of Gaming Jobs Online are using dishonest tactics to fool us with this product. I’ve seen products like this that only show a bunch of promotions and ads in the member’s area. If you signed up for a product that’s what you want to get. It’s such a disappointment to find only ads. At least put something in there that has to do with why we paid for the product in the first place.

    1. Hi Marlinda,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I agree with what you have said in your comment.

      And therefore it’s very important for those signing up with gaming jobs online for the 7 Day Free Trial to not to forget to cancel their subscription within the first 7 days to avoid further disappointment.

      All the best


  3. Dawn

    Gaming is out of my wheelhouse so I wouldn’t even had thought it was possible to make money for playing games online. That said, this company seems to be all over the place! I mean are they a gaming company or a survey company? Those are definite red flags for anyone hoping to make money online. WA is definitely the way to go. 

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Its indeed confusing to make out whether gaming jobs online is a gaming company or a survey company. When one takes up their free trial and enters the member’s area he undergoes through the same dilemma. Those who are not gamers but are looking to earn money online can find it hard to notice these red flags.

      A platform like Wealthy Affiliate is truly a blessing for all those looking to earn an online income. It teaches them to do it from scratch and the best thing is that they don’t make any get rich quick promises but rather teach you to deal with your online business like any other business which will take hard work, efforts, and patience to build.

  4. Michel

    I know many people who would love to play games online for a living. Whenever I saw these sorts of opportunities online I would get really excited, only to be disappointed once you got to the other side and saw what you really paid for.

    I just wish these sorts of programs would be more honest from the onset about how exactly their program works and what it involves before you get scammed into paying.

    I don’t actually know anybody who has ever made a lot of money from playing games, filling out surveys or even trying out products, so don’t get sucked in.

    I have come to the same conclusion that you have and that is the only sustainable online income to be made is by starting your own online business.

    1. Very true Michel.

      Starting your own online business is one of the best choices you can make if you are looking to make a consistent full-time home-based income.

      Like you, even I am not aware of a single individual who has earned regular considerable income by playing games or other similar programs if you are looking for a long term future and career.

      Setting up your own online business will take time and effort, like any other business, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

  5. Paul

    Dear Nick,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post.

    I do have came across ads and posts promoting Gaming Jobs Online and because of the increased number of online scams I wanted to do some research before making my decision and found your review very helpful.

    Earn by playing video games concept is in the market for a while but I never tried any of these programs. Being a gamer and love to play video games I thought this is an amazing opportunity so wanted to check this out. After reading your helpful review Gaming Jobs Online is a NO NO for me. Thanks a lot for saving my time, effort and money.

    You are right about surveys I spent many hours, days, weeks with many survey sites and the earning is very low and its not worth the effort we invest in.

    Much Success!


    1. Hey Paul,

      Here we meet again. I hope you are in your best health and spirit.

      And thanks to that you found my review quite helpful. That’s what the pure intention was.
      Any program that offers you loads of money with less hard work is a big red flag to be noticed.

      Wishing you all the best.


  6. Dianne

    I tend to agree with you that games testing is a real job where you are interviewed and need certain qualification and that is why I stay away from these such websites. 

    They tell you that you can earn thousand playing games and yes you can in the real world but not online.

    I also have experienced being click baited with similar such online opportunities where once you sign up you are directed to paid surveys.

    Thanks for the insights here. 

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dianne.

      It’s very important for one to dig deeper when you come across something that sounds too good to be true. There are certain signs which you need to watch out for and you should be able to save yourselves.

      You have been click baited before and I am sure you know what to look out for while identifying the genuineness of a program.

  7. Nate

    Good review. I think if someone is going to give this a go, then they should try it for 6 days before cancelling. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people forget to cancel trial memberships in general. Personally, I think the site should allow people to try it out for free for the 7 days. 

    Twenty-seven dollars per month seems a bit steep for this. But if there were/are a lot of people who have actually landed a job as a tester, then I’d say definitely give it a go. 

    1. Hi Nate,

      If one wants to try out gaming jobs online then it’s an absolute must for them to not to forget to cancel after the 7 Days Free Trial or else $27 will be taken every month directly from their bank.

      And yes paying $27 is worth if you are lucky enough to get a video game tester job through this website.
      But chances of this are quite less and who would like to pay $27 dollars for viewing the job openings that are either expired or can be found on other platforms.

  8. Robert Trevor

    My first question is how can these companies,like Gaming jobs on line,with doubtful claims,and false promises, be allowed to operate?

    Is there no Ombudsman or authority in control of websites who can take action against such operators?

    Thanks Nick for a very informative and eyeopening review,we really need the warning, before wasting our time,and money on these websites and spurious offers.

    I am  Wealthy Affiliate member,this is a really worthwhile website,where you can make money, but they warn you it is not a get rich quick scheme, and takes time and hard work.

    1. Hi Robert,

      It will surely be a great idea to have an Ombudsman or Regulatory Authority in place to deal with such issues. With the ever-growing online money making scams I am sure this will happen one day.

      Wealthy Affiliate has really stood the test of time in the last decade and the only reason I joined Wealthy Affiliate was that they clearly mentioned that its not a get rich quick scheme and will require lots of hard work and efforts like any other job or business.

  9. Jay

    If it was possible to earn this amount of money online as claimed by these guys by just playing video games a lot of people would be rich by now. The way I know people make money by playing video games is through youtube and this is only possible if they have a huge following. Besides, the games are not directly from youtube and instead are streamed live.

    I have actually seen some people make some really good money from this but like I said it is only if they have a huge following. Gaming jobs online is definitely not being upfront with people and are being deceptive by telling gamers that they can make a lot of money by playing video games.

    1. You are spot on Jay. lots of people would be earning thousands of dollars by just playing video games in their homes if it would have been as easy as gaming jobs online claims.

      If someone promises you that you can make easy money with no hard work and just fun it’s the best idea to stay away from them.

  10. EddieSand

    I am not much for games but making money with a side gig is what I like. I can tell that gaming jobs online can be an attractive opportunity but reading your review, I guess is just another one of those scams. I do know that there are game testers out there but it’s a difficult gig to stick with just relying on getting a project once in a while. Thanks for this gaming jobs online review.

    1. Hi Eddie,

      There are actual game tester jobs out there but like I mentioned in my review they are location specific and can’t be carried out from home. You have to apply for such jobs as any other jobs if you are looking to earn a regular income.

      There are websites like Fiver, GigBucks, Amazon Mechanical Turks and Swagbucks if you are interested in making money through a side gig.

  11. Matt's Mom

    Yes, when I read the title I got excited.  I am certainly not a gamer, but my two boys love to play video games.  And if they could make money doing it, they would be very happy.  I kind of knew in my mind that it was a scam.  I mean $150 an hour to participate in a focus group does not sound realistic at all.  Shoot I would play video games to make that kind of money 😀  Thanks for the heads up, I will continue my search for something legit.

    1. Hi,

      Your comment is much appreciated.

      All the best and wish you good luck in your search.

      Please be aware I am always there for you if you need a helping hand with anything.


  12. Dave Sweney

    Thanks for the forthright review of the Gaming Jobs Online platform. I am a gamer so thought it might be something that I could tap into, enjoying my hobby while making a few extra bucks too. Since there are so many bad products out there, of course, I decided to do some due diligence, and here I am. 

    The first thing that strikes me is the insane amount they claim you can make using their platform. Oddly specific and misleading.  Add to that the lack of details about what you are really getting into for your $27 a month, and the low pay that you mention plus tedious and repetitive tasks and it is apparent that this is not worth the time or the money.

    Add to that they have no privacy policy, no contact page, and no way to apply for a refund, and you have a full-blown appearance of this being yet another scam offer that will suck in the unwary. They are tapping into people’s desire to earn money easily while playing games and at home.

    As you say, there are ways to earn from home and they are legitimate, but definitely not by joining this platform. I like your suggestion to set up a website that focuses on the gaming industry and promotes products, accessories, and the like. This is a solid path and can be set up with a little work and over time.

    Good review, you have saved me some time and money. Thanks.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I am glad that I saved your time and money through my review.

      The reason I suggested setting up a website around gaming or to promote any other products is that it’s highly profitable and worth the time and efforts you put in and has the potential to create a robust long lasting online business.

      Wishing you a great success ahead.


  13. MahbubA2

    Hi Nick,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative review with all the necessary information about “Gaming Jobs Online Review. Is Gaming Jobs Online Legit ?”

    I like the review very much.This is an amazing review.I am a game lover person.So,i was thinking to earn some money by gaming.I thought that gaming jobs online will be the perfect platform for earn some extra cash by gaming.But i was not proper learned about this program.Fortunately i came to your review and found the real truth about gaming jobs online.This review has opened my eyes.I was wrong because gaming is not the right way to earn some extra cash.This review has saved my time,money and energy.I will stay away from gaming jobs online.I have also gained all the thorough details in this purpose.This review is very helpful for those people who want to know about gaming jobs online perfectly as you have highlighted the review so nicely.I will also share this review with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    I would like to go with wealthy affiliate as you have recommend about this but can i make a good amount of money from this program?Really is it suitable for a beginner?

    1. Hi Mahbub.

      Glad that you saved your time money and energy by reading my review. And yes it will be a good idea to share this review with your friends and relatives as they say sharing is caring.

      And yes you can definitely earn considerable online income by taking the training at Wealthy Affiliate. However, it’s not a get rich quick scheme and it will take time to set up your own online business like any other business or job. The more efforts and time you put in the more will be your earnings.

      It’s the best available platform for a beginner to start his affiliate marketing journey. You will be taught everything step by step in their state of the art training.

      Please go through my Wealthy Affiliate Review on my website which will answer all your questions.

      And if you have any further questions you can send me a message and I will get back to you.

      All the best


  14. The New Conservative Wave

    I am extremely interested in gaming and do it a lot. I like the setup of your site. I have a question. How many reviews of these gaming jobs will you do on your site? How would you go about rating the game sites? I see the one review and it doesn’t seem like the site is a good one. Are there any good reliable sites? I might be interested in it.

    1. Hi,

      Demanding on the popularity of a particular gaming website you might see some reviews on my website in the future. Ratings depend on the genuineness of a particular website are rated accordingly keeping various factors in mind.

      I got to know from one of my readers that there is a site called Naughty Dog where you can make a little bit of money here and there through gaming but certainly not a full-time income. However, I have not personally tried them out. If you do please share your experience with us.



  15. Angela

    I’m glad I found your review for Gaming Jobs Online. I know a few die hard gamers who would LOVE to do this for a living & have actually scoured the internet for “companies” like this before. I am disappointed to find out that Gaming Jobs Online is basically a scam, but I am excited to know more about how someone with an expert body of knowledge & skills in gaming can use them to build an affiliate marketing business online. This idea brings even more possibility to the idea of gaming for a living – when it’s not limited to just “playing games,” but creating reviews, blogging & recommending products, too. I will definitely take a look at the site you recommended, Wealthy Affiliiate. I’m no techie or coding expert, so I hope it’s not too complicated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Angela.

      Using your hobby or passion for gaming to create an affiliate marketing business is a lucrative idea indeed.

      And just be rest assured that you don’t need to know coding or have any technical knowledge. You can build your very own personal website around gaming or any other niche in a couple of minutes and start your online affiliate marketing business with Wealthy Affiliate.

      They will teach you everything from scratch. You can even create a free account with them without giving any credit card details to start creating your online business.

      Please go through my Wealthy Affiliate Review on my website which will answer all your questions.

      Wishing you much success ahead.

      All the best


  16. Pat

    Hi Nick, Thanks so much for this eye-opening article. My brother is a gamer and he told me about this gamer online job and was overwhelmed with their offers and want to sign up for their premium, Thank God for reading this post now i will tell him it’s not what the money and I will also send him the URL to enable him to read the post also.

    1. Hi Pat,

      I am glad I was able to help you take the right decision through my review. I am always there for you if you ever need a helping hand with anything.

      All the best


  17. Netta

    Thanks for your enlightening post, Nick.  I wondered, after seeing these kinds of offers whether it was a real possibility to earn money game-playing.  It certainly does not look like it (with Gaming Jobs Online, anyway)!  

    As you’ve explained, the gaming industry does have legitimate jobs for people who qualify and game developers are not likely to grab people randomly out of the ethers.  I am sure the company has misled others who are wanting to use their gaming skills to earn money and your very clear dissection of the offering really does help, I think.

    As you point out, there are other, better ways….

    1. Hi Netta.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my review on gaming jobs online.

      And for those who are seriously looking to earn online through gaming indeed there are better ways to do this, like creating a website through Wealthy Affiliate which I have explained in my review.



  18. Michelle


    This is a great review and very straightforward.  I believe it sheds light on how people can become tricked into believing they can make a buck with no hard work.  I think many people would fall for this.  Becoming an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate is legit and honestly the best route to go.  You have provided the reader with good information to make a wise choice. 



    1. Thanks for your comment, Michelle.

      I always find it quite fulfilling when people like you find my reviews helpful. It gives me more energy and motivation to write more thorough and powerful posts and reviews.

      And starting your affiliate marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate can truly open the doors of a new career opportunity for those who are interested in creating a successful online home based business.

      Thanks and all the best


  19. Nuttanee

    Thank you for your review on Gaming Jobs Online. It was my dream as a kid as well to be playing games and making money for it. When I was a kid back in Thailand, gaming was huge and everything was in Japanese. Whoever can speak Japanese makes lots of money publishing the the walkthrough in Thai, but now we have Youtube.

    Anyways, I heard about game testers too but from a legit website (I forgot the name but not this one). The pay is ok $15 an hour, but you have to be in the right demographic to do it. Unfortunately, the chances of you to land all of these tester gigs are very low, it cannot be as your main income, it can be a side income. 

    I also think that if you do focus group from the legit company like FocusPoint, will give you a better pay. Sometimes you show up in person, sometimes it’s just phone interview. Still, you have to be in the right age and demographic again.

    I think these platform are made for you to earn just a little extra cash not a full time income. If you want to have a full time income online, you are better if blogging or do a YouTube video.

    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      I agree with the information you have shared in your comment. Earnings through such programs can be a side income and you can make some money here and there but you can’t make a full-time income. Creating a website, blogging, and youtube videos are the best sources to make a full-time income online.



  20. Andy


    This is an interesting article. I have to review with you on every aspect. Gaming testers are one of the most lucrative job there is. There is no glamour or fun, to me it’s low paying and super repetitive. I use to be a game tester for Naughty Dog and it was harsh. But there is no such thing as stay at home fun game testers. I think affiliate marketing is the best work at home job because it doesn’t cost anything, just maybe a couples of bucks for a domain to get started. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get started. Great article, my friend.

    1. Hi Andy.

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience as a game tester with Naughty Dog. I am sure it will provide some useful insights to my readers.

      And yes Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great platform to earn online through gaming or any other niche. Many people around the world have established successful online businesses by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

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